uTrader 2018

uTraderRating 4.5/5
  • Return up to:85%
  • Min. Invest:$5
  • Min. Deposit:$300
  • Demo Account:No
  • Livechat:Yes

Do you want an intuitive trading environment, a large selection of assets, and ongoing monthly bonuses? Then uTrader might be right for you.

The uTrader features

The uTrader features

Mobile trading apps
Binary options trading should be convenient. To make your trading process easier, uTrader offers mobile trading apps for Apple and Android devices. Simply download the app from the Play store or the Apple store, login, and you can trade away.

uTrader’s mobile app uses a neatly arranged trading interface, enabling you to perform market analysis and make good trading decisions quickly and easily. When you start trading from your mobile phone, you can turn every traffic jam, every waiting time, and every unwanted break into a profitable opportunity to make money with binary options.

Market analysis

Especially new trades often find it difficult to analyze the market and make good trading decisions. There are simply too many factors to consider. In this situation, it can be a great help to have an experienced trader show you how to perform a thorough market analysis and draw profitable conclusions.

With their market analysis, uTrader does exactly that. An experienced trader details the developments he sees in the market and how they recommend to trade them. These reports can give you great insights, teach you how to perform your own analysis better, and provide you with profitable trading opportunities.

Monthly bonuses

Many binary options brokers only offer you a bonus after you deposit money for the first time. After that, you are on your own. With uTrader, things are different. uTrader offers monthly bonuses that keep giving you the push you need after you signed up.

While bonuses change each month, they typically involve rewards for deposits. Depending on the size of your deposit, you often get an extra bonus of up to 50% and a number of trading bonuses such as 2 signals per day for a month.


uTrader offers a full selection of assets in four categories: Stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities:

Stocks: Offering stocks from all over the world and every time zone, uTrader enables you to invest in every market, every industry, and every time zone. Stocks such as Baidoo, Apple, Coca Cola, or BMW, offer the opportunity to take advantage of any market development all over the world.

Indices: Combining big indices such as the Dow Jones, the Nikkei, or the EuroStoxx50 with smaller indices such as the Tadawul, the Tel Aviv 25, or the Taiex, uTrader gives every trader the chance to invest in his home index and every other important index all over the world. Whenever a country is doing well or in crisis, with uTrader, you can profit from the development.

Commodities: Some traders prefer the high trading volume of big commodities such as gold, silver, or oil, and some traders prefer the calmer environment of smaller commodities such as sugar, wheat, or corn. With uTrader, you can trade both. Offering all major commodities, uTrader puts you in the perfect position to profit from a shortage or a surplus in any of them.

Currencies: Probably the preferred asset type of many binary options traders and, due to its 24 hour availability, the easiest asset type to trade, uTrader offers a full selection of currency pairs. Whether you want to invest in big currencies such as the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen, or the Euro or in smaller currencies such as the New Zealand Dollar, the Canadian Dollar, or the Swiss Franc, uTrader has you covered.



Opening an account with uTrader is a quick and easy process. All you need to do is to fill out the form on uTrader’s website, which only requires you to list your first and last name, your email, and your phone number. With that little personal information, you can open an account.

After you have opened your account, you need to fund it to start trading. uTrader offers three methods for you to deposit money into your account:

Credit card / debit card: The most popular deposit option, credit card and debit card deposits reach your account immediately. There are now fees to credit card deposits.

Ewallet / online payment providers: Online payments providers such as Neteller or OK Pay allow you to deposit money into your account immediately, only requiring your email address and your password. There is no fee on ewallet deposits.

Wire transfer: Wire transfer is the slowest, but also the easiest deposit method. While deposits can take up to seven days to reach your uTrader account, wire transfer does not require you to have an account with a credit card provider or an online payment provider.

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