Auto Binary Signals 2018

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Auto Binary Signals
  • Price:$97 (one-time)
  • Tested:No
  • Accuracy:80%

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Auto Binary Signals is a very efficient signal provider for binary options that has been successfully helping traders make money for years now.

Probably one of the most efficient binary options signal providers out there, it was built by a team of professionals and has a proven track record of success in the online trading business.

Auto Binary Signals features

Auto Binary Signals features

Auto Binary Signals focus on low risk trend following signals. While these signals enable a trader to win a high percentage of his trades, they also come with the disadvantage of a lower payout. Auto Binary Signals claims that they have won 80 percent of their generated signals in the past, which makes up for the lower payout.

To help their traders become successful binary options traders, Auto Binary Signals offers a number of free bonuses that come with their subscription: First of all, you get a number of guides and video tutorials that help you make the most of the services offered. In an elite member area you can also ask questions and acquire the knowledge to increase your earning with Auto Binary Signals. Thirdly, expert traders will send you a daily trading analysis to keep you up to date on what is happening in the market.

Since there is no monthly subscription price, you can still keep using these free offers and profit from a daily expert analysis even after you stopped using the signals.



Unlike most of its competitors, Auto Binary Signals does not send its signals per mail or text message. Instead, they offer you customizable software in its member’s area. The software scans the market for trading opportunities, mostly promising trend patterns, and alerts you, once it has found high potential opportunity.

To generate a signal, you can use a selection of five different technical indicators. Unfortunately, Auto Binary Signals keeps the detailed settings of these indicators a secret. On their homepage, they simply refer to their “built-in secret strategy”. Generic phrases like this are always somewhat of a negative sign, yet all providers use them to hide their strategy from their competitors. Therefore, this in itself should not be a reason to distrust Auto Binary Signals.

Auto Binary Signals’ approach differs significantly from the email or text message alerts most providers send you, which is a huge advantage to some traders: With Auto Binary Signals, you can decide when to generate signals. Therefore, you will always be able to execute any created signal.

With email or text message signals, on the other hand, you have to be ready all day long to immediately execute a trade once a signal comes in. This means, you will likely miss some signals and execute others too late for them to be still valid, which hurts your winning percentage.


Unlike most other signal providers Auto Binary Signals will not charge you a monthly subscription fee to use their service. You can gain lifelong access to their signals for only one payment of $97. Compared to most of their competitors, which will charge you $97 every month, Auto Binary Signals service is incredibly cheap.

If you are not satisfied with the quality, you can get all of your money back when you cancel your subscription within 60 days. This limits your risk and makes Auto Binary Signals easy to try. After you subscribed to their service, you have 60 days to test Auto Binary Signals with paper trading or little money. If you like it, you are guaranteed lifelong access almost for free. If you do not like it, you get all your money back and have not lost anything.

All in all, Auto Binary Signals provides a good service for a uniquely low price. Therefore, they are worth a try for all traders.

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