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In this BinaryCopier Review, we aim to provide all the essential information that a trader could need to make an informed decision about this completely free signal provider.

BinaryCopier is a signal provider who seems to be very different from the rest generally used providers on the financial market. The services this binary signals provider offers are based on the premise of a trading hub. What might a trading hub be, you ask? According to their website, a trading hub refers to a place where the most popular binary signals from other traders in the community are tracked and delivered to the trader. After the delivery, traders can choose to either place or decline a found trade possibility.

This is certainly a unique and interesting characteristic that sets BinaryCopier apart from other signal providers and it relies on a vast information base that is collected from the binary community on BinaryCopier.

BinaryCopier Registration Review

Traders who wish to sign-up with the BinaryCopier will be amazed at how simple the registration process actually is. All that is required is to fill out a registration form that asks for just a few basic details in order for the account to be opened. You will, of course, be setting up your password also. Like we said, the process is really streamlined so you can focus on the more important things when trading binary options.

One of the important segments of this initial process is the fact that BinaryCopier does not require your credit card information or any other financial info when registering for an account. Once you are registered and redirected to an available broker of your choice, you will be asked to provide credit card information so that you can make a deposit to your account and start trading.

Available brokers are neatly placed on your trading BinaryCopier trading dashboard which is available after registration. Obviously, as this signals provider is web-based, the only requirement is having a device that supports an internet connection and you’re ready to trade anywhere and anytime you want. Choose your broker as you see fit and make sure that they tick all of your boxes for what you are looking for in a binary broker.

The most important thing is that the broker suits your needs and that you are confident of your choice. If you are not, you can always switch brokers and find someone more adequate for you.

BinaryCopier VIP Account

Another thing this binary signals provider is offering is a VIP account that has, even more, features than the regular account. These trading features could possibly be of assistance to traders in order to maximize their profit potential. This obviously, depends on the ability and knowledge to apply them correctly.

In order to get their VIP status, traders are required to place their first deposit with a broker after the initial account registration. After their deposit has been made, traders are granted VIP status and can start using their additional features that come with it.

According to their provided information, the additional trading features are a great way of creating potentially successful investment strategies that are tailored and custom build to your exact preferences. It is also important to be able to recognize risk factors that are inextricably associated with this type of financial trading.

BinaryCopier Review VIP Account Features

As we mentioned in the previous section, VIP account offers several new trading features that could possibly be of great assistance to binary options traders.

The features included in the BinaryCopier VIP account are:

  • Risk Amplifier
  • Trading Strategies
  • Expiry times

Risk Amplifier comes in handy to those traders that wish to trade with a more even pace and possibly decrease their risk levels, by choosing lower risk. The website claims that this feature focuses on finding trades that are safer and more appropriate for someone who does not want to deal with a wild and adventurous trading. Alternatively, higher risk levels are just that – a great way for binary options traders that are experienced enough to be able to recognize a potential fruitful outcome but with a higher risk factor included.

Trading strategies refer to two additional strategies that can be customized according to your wants and needs. Each of the trading strategies relies on different algorithms that are aimed at analyzing the financial trading market and providing traders with binary signals that match the search parameters. Those strategies are Currency Stimulation and Recurrence Effect.

What is also important to highlight is the ability to set different expiry times with this VIP account – One Minute Snap and Daily Trades. Of course, you can choose to take advantage of both features at the same time and further customize your trading plans and methods.

BinaryCopier - Binary Options Trading Hub

We believe that one of the most important characteristics of this signals provider is actually the ability to track the most popular trades from the most successful members of the community and share them with traders in the form of binary signals. This is why BinaryCopier is being called a trading hub as it merges all the information in one spot. All of these trades can be seen on the trading interface itself as long as you are registered.

Obviously, traders need to be aware of the fact that BinaryCopier can and will generate and provide binary signals only of the trader is logged into the trading platform. This is in order to eliminate the possibility of receiving expired and late signals that are simply unusable. This way, traders are able to place relevant trades as soon as they receive the binary signal without the fear that those signals are for trades that already expired.

BinaryCopier is a completely free binary signals provider, that is ultimately designed to provide real, live signals and opportunities for traders to learn directly from each other via placed trades. Unlike other, more traditional signal providers, BinaryCopier reaps the benefits of collective wisdom and offers them to the traders in the form of binary signals.

It is obvious that even when you have a flawlessly designed product, there are always chances that things might not go according to plan or that you are stuck on something you are not sure how to resolve yourself. For this reason, BinaryCopier has made sure they have a professional and knowledgeable team that is always ready to help you in a fast and efficient manner so that you can feel relaxed and focused solely on your trading endeavors.

BinaryCopier Customer Support Review

BinaryCopier’s customer support is there to help guide traders in the right direction and to assist with any and all questions that they might have. If you are in need of such a help, you are encouraged to contact their professional and friendly team via the Web form. If your needs and problems are of a more urgent nature, then you can make great use out of a Live Chat option on their website.

In this BinaryCopier Review, we have actually experienced for ourselves how important customer support can be. We have asked them numerous questions and constructed several different scenarios, and we are happy to report that they have helped us navigate through all of them with flying colors.

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