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When it comes to deciding which binary signals provider you will be choosing, there are a few things that all traders put on their lists. At the top of those lists are certainly a straightforward working process and fast, live signals.Obviously, not all signal providers offer the same level of professionalism and expertise, so it is important for traders to know how BinarySignalsTrader differs from other signal providers on the binary options market.

One thing that can be said for BinarySignalsTraders is that they have certainly welcomed a minimalistic approach to both their website and also their trading platform. This is good news for all those traders out there who prefer a simplistic visual identity of a product without unnecessary complications and frills.

This binary signals provider is specifically designed to allow for a fast production of binary signals that alert the trader that there is a possibly profitable trade on the market. It is up to the trader, of course, to either allow and place that suggested trade, or to decline it if he/she wants to.

In this BinarySignalsTrader Review, we will also be going over the trading platform organization with all the included features, trading setup and other key characteristics we feel are important to highlight in order to provide the traders with best possible information on this product.

BinarySignalsTrader - Registration and Premium Account

BinarySignalsTrader is a completely free trading product that offers all the elements needed to participate in the binary options trading industry. It is important to highlight that there are absolutely no charges or hidden fees for registering with BinarySignalsTrader.

The registration form is available online, and all that it’s needed is to fill it out with basic details and it is done in no time. According to their website, you can use your single trading account regardless of how many brokers you choose to trade with, which is a really great perk of this binary options product.

BinarySignalsTrader Premium Account

After the initial registration and the opening of a basic free account, there is a Premium Account available for traders who make their first deposit with a broker of their choice. This additional account is also completely free as the basic account, but it comes equipped with a lot more trading features and tools that can certainly come in handy in creating investment plans.

With the Premium Account, traders can place trades that have different risk levels which allow you to set your own trading pace. Obviously, as it is claimed, trades with higher risks can potentially get a higher profit, so it is important to understand which type of a trader are you specifically. Being overconfident will not be helpful when trading binary options, as the most important aspects of trading are definitely education and knowledge.

Expiry times that are available with the Premium Account are 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, and End of the Day trade. Traders are encouraged to set those expiry times that best suit their individual trading needs and correspond with their planned investments.

When Trading strategies are concerned, there are two that are available when you get your Premium Account. According to the website, the first one, called High Frequency Trading Strategy is based on the algorithms that focus on market movements with regards to currencies and stocks. The other strategy is the Correlation Trading strategy which focuses solely on currency pairs and their intrinsical correlation.

BinarySignalsTrader - Brokers and Signal Accessibility

BinarySignalsTrader - Brokers and Signal Accessibility

BinarySignalsTrader was created and designed by a financial specialist Simon Russell whose main aim was to provide a user-friendly and straightforward binary product that fits the needs of binary traders. It is available for any trader who wants to use a signal provider to maximize their trading potential. With BinarySignalsTrader you are welcome to use different trading styles and methods that best suit your trading preferences.

When it comes to broker availability, this product has smartly placed brokers directly on the trading platform so it is simple to switch between them. Also, BinarySignalsTrader offers the option to trade with a broker from a single interface where you also receive your binary signals.

Given that the main focus of trading binary options is the prediction of the asset’s price fluctuation within a predetermined time frame, it if fairly obvious that timing of the received binary signal plays a crucial role in this. Binary signals need to be delivered in time for the trader to be able to place the trade before the expiry time is over. BinarySignalsTrader is dedicated to providing real, fast and timely signals that traders can actually use to place trades.

BinarySignalsTrader - No Downloads Necessary

BinarySignalsTrader - No Downloads Necessary

Traders that choose BinarySignalsTrader are not required to download any programs or applications in order to use this binary signals provider. You can trade binary options using provided signals directly from the trading interface.

All that is needed to use BinarySignalsTrader is to have a device that is capable of connecting to the internet, as this provider can be accessed from any browser you wish. This means that traders are free to trade anywhere and anytime, regardless of the type of device they are using.

While doing this review, one our goals was to analyze this signals provider in order to offer real and accurate information about the product. According to the information on the website, BinarySignalsTrader seems to be designed in a way that offers relevant information about the found trades so that the traders could make an informed decision on placing or declining the trade. This binary options product is especially suited for those traders who have made currency pairs and stocks their main assets and who prefer to keep things simple and streamlined.

Another thing, that we feel is as important as other elements of a trading product, which often remains on the sidelines, is definitely the actual design of the trading platform. This includes navigation, page content, organization and general design solutions. We are very impressed with BinarySignalsTrader creator’s diligence in addressing these issues as they have certainly made the visual elements enjoyable which consequently leads to a more enjoyable experience when using this signal provider.

BinarySignalsTrader Customer Support Review

Naturally, one of the last points that needs to be discussed is the question of Customer support, its quality, and availability.

BinarySignalsTrader is very proud of their excellent customer support team. During the writing of this review, we have contacted their customer support in order to test this for ourselves. We have found that the team of individuals that work in the customer support department are very knowledgeable and eager to help with all your questions and issues.

Binary options traders, just like any other type of a trader in a financial industry, will undoubtedly run into issues that will seem too daunting to try to resolve on their own. If that is the case with you, or you simply have questions about anything connected to the BinarySignalsTrader, you are welcome to contact the support team who will be more than happy to assist you.

You can contact them via the provided Web form that is placed on the website. If you have a more urgent matter you need to resolve, feel free to use the Live web chat option that can be found on the bottom left corner of the website in a pop-up form.

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