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John Anthony Signals
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  • Accuracy:71%

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John Anthony is a signal provider for binary options that provides a high number of signals per day for big currency pairs. Any trader specializing in big currency pairs or any trader looking to make a lot of money quick could benefit from using John Anthony Signals.

Features of John Anthony Signals

Features of John Anthony Signals

Many signal providers use names that are search engine friendly and provide anonymity. While that might help them get more traffic, it also forces traders to deal with faceless organizations that all sound alike. The one, big exception to that rule is John Anthony Signals. John Anthony Signals uses a personalized approach to let you know where the signals come from.

On average, John Anthony creates 15 signals per day. Compared to its competitors, this is a huge amount of signals per day. Most other signal providers only generate around five or six signals per day. If you are looking to make money fast, you need to place many trades. John Anthony Signals can help you with that by generating the sufficient number of signals you need for this kind of strategy.

A strategy that creates many signals always raises concerns about its reliability. With John Anthony Signals, these concerns do not have to bother you.

In the past, John Anthony Signals has won 71 percent of the signals it created. Of course, this is no indication of how reliable these signals will be in the future, but it is a good sign of a trustworthy provider. With that high of a winning percentage you should easily be able to make money with binary options.

Signals are created for big currency pairs, mostly featuring the Euro, the US-Dollar, the Canadian Dollar, the British Pound, and Swiss Franken. If you are looking to trade currencies with a high number of signals per day, John Anthony Signals is the perfect signals provider for you.

The lack of signals for stocks and commodities can be a disadvantage for traders specializing in these kinds of assets. Most traders, however, do not care about which underlying asset their investment is based on as long as they make money. If you are one of these traders, John Anthony Signals should work fine for you. In addition to its trading signals, John Anthony Signals provides a number of additional services, such as informational material and guides, to help its traders be more successful with binary options.



To sign up with John Anthony Signals you need a credit card or a bank account for bank transfer. Both methods are equally recommendable, with the bank transfer having the advantage that you will receive a monthly and not a yearly subscription. For its subscription, John Anthony Signals charges $99 per month. This is good industry standard. Most other signal providers charge around $100, too.

You can get the first month of you subscription for free, if you sign up with one of John Anthony Signals recommended brokers. This way of registering would save you $99, which is not much compared to the advantages of having the best possible broker for you. Therefore, it is smarter to invest the money and choose the best broker for you. Read our reviews, and choose smartly.

John Anthony Signals offer our users a completely FREE 3 day-trial if you use the coupon code 3DAYTRIAL. Please remember, though, that you will be charged for a normal monthly subscription if you do not cancel before day 4. So take advantage of the 3 free days. Hopefully you will find that John Anthony Signals are the right provider for you, and you will want to continue after the free trial.

Unfortunately, John Anthony Signals offers no money back guarantee. Instead, they explicitly exclude any refunds in their terms and conditions. Therefore, signing up for their service involves a certain kind of risk.

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