Quantum Binary Signals 2018

Quantum Binary SignalsRating 5/5
Quantum Binary Signals
  • Price:$99
  • Tested:No
  • Accuracy:70%

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Quantum Binary Signals is a signal provider for binary options that specializes in big currency pairs and has won a high percentage of his trades in the past.

Features of Quantum Binary Signals

Features of Quantum Binary Signals

Getting started with Quantum Binary Signals is a quick and easy process. Simply subscribe to their service by using the subscription form on their homepage. They will send you a confirmation email, and you will receive their signals from then on. Signals are send via email or text message and include the asset, the option type, and the expiration time to use.

Quantum Binary Signals publishes a summary of their past trades. As with any signal provider using a real strategy to generate signals, the number of trading signals created by Quantum Binary Signals varies. In June 2014, they created 42 Signals, 67 percent of which led to winning trends when applied correctly. One month later, however, in July 2014, Quantum Binary Signals generated only 9 signals, 78 percent of which led to winning trades when executed correctly.

Signals are provided exclusively for currency pairs. Most of them are generated for big pairs such as the Euro vs. the US Dollar or the US Dollar vs. the Japanese Yen.

All in all, Quantum Binary Signals has generated enough signals with a good enough winning percentage to generate a nice profit at the end of the month. Unfortunately, however, they do not publish any details on how they generate signals.



To enable you to test their service, Quantum Binary Signals offers a 7 day trial period for $9.99. If you do not like their service, you can cancel your subscription any time during that trial period. If you do not cancel, however, your subscription automatically becomes a monthly subscription for $99.99 per month at the end of the trial period.

The pricing is industry standards. Most other signal providers charge around $100 per month, too. Therefore, the price should not be your main criteria when choosing a signal provider. Instead, check whether the signals created by Quantum Binary Signals suit your requirements, and if the provided assets are what you are looking for.

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