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This signals provider comes from the far Japan and has been a part of the financial trading industry for a relatively short time, but has already profiled into a well-respected signal provider. SignalSamurai was created by Kinjo Oda, but it was not envisioned to be just an ordinary signal provider. This signal provider was designed with certain principles and codes at its foundations, which we will mention later in this review.

While doing this review we have decided to focus on several main characteristics of this binary signals provider, including account specifics and signal precision. We will also be going over the trading features and what they are meant for, along with other important elements of this unique binary signal provider.

SignalSamurai Review Signal Provider Basics

The first thing that is important to highlight is the fact that SignalSamurai is completely free, which includes both the use of the trading platform and the delivery of binary signals. Also, the registration process is very straightforward and quick so you won’t have to deal with a complicated sign-up.

Seeing that the SignalSamurai is a free signals provider, this means that there are absolutely no hidden charges for you as a trader, regardless if you are just registering, placing trades or receiving signals. Once you register with this binary signals provider, you are free to use it with no limits or expiration dates.

Another important element to remember is that you are not required to download any software, plug-ins or add-ons to use this signal provider. It is completely web-based, meaning that all you need to be able to use SignalSamurai is a device that supports an internet connection. This is a great thing for any type of trader who likes to be able to trade on the go, and not be dependant on their home location to place trades or receive binary signals.

SignalSamurai Education and Settings Review

SignalSamurai Education and Settings Review

This signal provider has a great Academy section on the website itself, where traders can learn everything they need to know about trading on and receiving signals from SignalSamurai.

Apart from the extensive Academy section, SignalSamurai has created a complete guide to their settings and features. This indeed comes in handy when you are first starting out with a signal provider, especially when you know how much provider’s settings can differ from one another.
According to the info found on the website, when you register for an account, you are required to make a deposit with your chosen broker in order to access the settings of your trading dashboard. Traders will be linked to a broker’s account where they can finish their deposit process. Once that is done, you can access your trading features directly on the trading dashboard.

All of your trading settings are organized in one place, given that SignalSamurai offers you only those brokers that are available in your country. When you access your trading features section, you will find the following:

  • Daily Investment
  • Daily Stop Loss
  • Single Investment

The other section available is:

  • Trading Assets
  • Apprentice VIP Account

All of the available settings can be modified at any moment you deem it necessary. If you wish to set a limit to your daily trading you will be modifying the Daily Investment Setting. Also, you might want to limit your maximum daily loss, which means that you will be using Daily Stop Loss. The third feature is a Single Investment, which helps you set a specific amount that you want to invest in an active asset or multiple assets. When it comes to assets, SignalSamurai offers over 20 assets, all of them being currencies.

The next section of this SignalSamurai review is about the Apprentice VIP account and focuses on what this account has to offer and why it is so appealing to various types of traders.

SignalSamurai VIP Account Review

SignalSamurai has introduced their version of a VIP account which is called SignalSamurai Apprentice VIP. This account enables traders to get a hold of additional trading strategies that can be used in order to maximize your success potential. Traders are given two trading strategies called Kuodo and Ankyo, both of which focus on certain market analysis and trend analysis but using two different methods.

Kuodo Strategy, as can be seen on the SignalSamurai website, uses Fibonacci numbers in order to predict price movements of the underlying asset. The algorithms in this strategy focus on looking for specific patterns in order to send a live signal.

Ankyo Strategy, on the other hand, focuses on selling and buying volumes, and the correlation between those volumes.

SignalSamurai is a very versatile signal provider which offers traders a very different, rarely seen approach to trading binary options.

SignalSamurai Review - Using the Binary Signals

SignalSamurai Review - Using the Binary Signals

This signal provider is dedicated to generating binary signals that reach the traders in real time. What this effectively means is that every signal you receive through SignalSamurai will be valid and usable. There is certainly no point in generating signals that are supposed to be used for trades that are expired. One of the elements that aid in placing timely trades with these signals is receiving them directly on the SignalSamurai trading platform. This reduces

One of the elements that aids in placing timely trades with these signals is receiving them directly on the SignalSamurai trading platform. This reduces time needed to physically place a trade given that the traders do not have to register and sign-in to a completely different binary options trading platform.

They claim that Kinjo Oda has made sure that this signal provider is functioning on the basis of a Bushido code which strictly forbids dishonorable trading practices including scam and other unethical behavior.

Another important thing to highlight is certainly the fact that traders can trade with multiple traders from a single platform. This is suitable for those traders who wish to apply multiple strategies and don’t want to open various different accounts.

SignalSamurai is a Completely Free Signal Provider

Like the subtitle mentions, SignalSamurai is a free signal provider. This means that traders are not required to pay anything in order to use SignalSamurai, including hidden fees or charges for receiving signals or placing trades. The only instant you will be needing to make a payment is to deposit the money with your chosen broker.

As we know that is fairly unusual for a signal provider to be completely free, we have to explain that this is due to Kinjo Oda’s beliefs that everyone should be given equal opportunities regardless of background or status.

SignalSamurai Customer Support

Following his idea and efforts into making binary signal providing accessible to everyone, Kinjo Oda and his team have rounded up a great customer support team. They are knowledgeable, friendly and are able to assist traders with any issues they might come across.

Clients can contact them by sending an email, or if they need a more immediate help, they can use the live chat option.

As it is evident from this signal provider review, SignalSamurai takes great care in providing real, live signals that traders can use as soon as they are delivered. This, in combination with the fact that you can choose multiple brokers at once with a single account, creates an environment where traders can experiment with their financial strategies and create the most adequate for themselves.

Apprentice VIP account is definitely something that makes SignalSamurai stand out when we are talking about binary options industry, along with the unique philosophies that are at the core of this product.

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