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Bloombex Options Demo - logoAre you thinking about signing up with Bloombex Options? We explain how you can test their service for free in our BloomBex Options demo article here:

The Bloombex Options Demo – how to

Before you sign up with any binary options broker, you should give their service a thorough test. In the past, this was often difficult. You had to download software, apply for a demo account, and test the broker’s service from your PC – an unpleasantly slow process that stopped you from testing more than one broker in one day.

Luckily, Bloombex Options offers two tools that make this process quicker, easier, and more enjoyable for you: A video demo tour and a trading platform anyone can access who can access the internet – without a Bloombex Options demo account.

To help you decide whether Bloombex Options is the right broker for you, we will walk you through both tools and explain how you can explain how to perform a thorough test of Bloombex Options before signing up.

1) Watch the demo video tour

The first thing you should do is take the video demo tour Bloombex Options is offering on their website. Open Bloombex Options’ website, scroll to the bottom, and click on “demo tour” under the menu item “beginner”.

The video tour will explain the fundamental basics of binary options trading and on how to handle Bloombex Options’ trading platform. From this presentation alone, you should be able to make a good decision on whether Bloombex Options is the right broker for you or not. Make sure to understand the basics and how to handle the trading platform.

2) Try out the trading platform

Once you have watched the video demo tour, go back to Bloombex Options’ home page. Scroll down a little, and you will see the demo of their trading platform.

On the left, there is a quick explanation on how to trade. On the top of the trading platform, you canselect the type of binary option you want to invest in. Bloombex Options offers anything from classical high / low options to modern option types such as ladder options.

You will be able to choose the asset you want to analyze. Choose the group of assets (currencies, commodities, stocks, indices) from the menu below the option types, and the exact asset from the menu below that.

Now the chart window will display the recent price movements of your asset. You can also select the expiry, your investment amount, and the direction you want to invest in. If you would like to have a real account, you would simply need to enter this information and click on the direction you want to invest in. The percentage value to the right signals the payout you would get.

With this information, you can easily determine whether Bloombex Options is a broker you can make money with or not. If so, sign up with Bloombex Options and enjoy a profitable trading career. If not, you should try another broker from our list.


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