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DISCLAIMER AND IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT 24OPTION! Binary options involves risk and you can lose all your invested capital. Payout rates are all based on the assumption you make a successful trade.

To help binary option traders to expand their knowledge, use the 24option education center with free courses, eBooks, and much more. The best thing: They are all completely free.

What does the 24option education center have to offer?

To access 24option’s education center, click on “Guide” in the menu to the upper right of their homepage. In the site that will now open, select “Education Center” from the menu on the left.

Free eCourses

24option offers free courses on binary options every Thursday at 12pm CET and Friday at 1pm CET. Topics vary from week to week and are always aimed at enabling traders to expand their knowledge.

Binary eBook

24option also offers a free eBook that will introduce you to binary options. Especially new traders that are still having trouble finding out where to begin mastering binary options can use this eBook as the perfect way to learn the basics. The eBook will also teach you the basic of hot to use 24option’s platform.

Interactive eBook

You think eBooks are boring? Than 24option has the perfect alternative for you: An interactive eBook with videos, quizzes, and many other interactive parts that make learning the basics of binary options quick and easy.

V.O.D. (video center)

To make learning binary options even quicker and easier, 24option offers a video center. Videos are categorized in videos for beginners and advanced. In a total of 15 videos you can learn which binary options there are, which features they have, and how to manage your risk in the beginner section, and the basic of technical analysis, trends, and candlesticks in the advanced section.

Early closure

Early closure is one of the unique features of 24option that enable a trader to have more control. Early closure enables you to exit a trade before your expiration time has expired and take the profit you have made. This option will reduce your winning percentage, but even a reduced winning percentage is better than a lost trade.

In the early closure section of 24option’s education center you can learn the details of this option, how to use it, and when it makes sense.

Expiry calculation

The expiration time is one of the most critical factors your binary option. The expiry calculation section in 24option’s education center will help you understand all the details you need to know about the expiration time.

Trading binary options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital.
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