60 Second Binary Options

60 seconds trading is one of the fastest trading styles of binary options trading which is getting popular because of its instant result factor. With 60 second binary options trading you have to predict if the price level of an asset will be higher or lower than the current price level of the asset after exactly one minute.

If you are experienced in binary options you will know that the average payout in 60 seconds trading is about 75%. This means that in order to just break even you will have to win about 57% of your trades.

This can’t be achieved by making random calls. In fact many binary options brokers lose their investment amount because they trade 60 seconds options without any strategy. You should have a solid 60 second binary options strategy to win.

You can’t even subscribe to a binary options signal provider to trade 60 seconds options because no binary options signal provider offers this service, since it would take much longer to just get the signal to your inbox or phone. Whatever you have to trade will therefore have to  be deiced by you.

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60 second Binary Options strategies

One common 60 second binary options strategy is to follow the market news closely. When you find a particular update which is bound to influence an asset positively or negatively trade that asset. You will not be able to win all the trades. So make sure that you invest not more than 5% of your deposited amount so that you can sustain a few losses.

Since the asset will move in a particular direction overall, you will be able to win more trades than you lose and you should make a profit out of it.

Another 60 second binary options strategy is the doubling up strategy. In this strategy you can select any asset. But make sure that the payout is high (about 85%). Start a trade with a small amount in any direction (High or Low). If you win place the same amount again. If you lose double you amount invested. With the doubled amount you will recover the money you lost in the last trade and make a little surplus profit as well if you win. However, if you lose again you will have to double your invested amount again.

60 second binary optionsYou need to keep doubling up your invested amount till you win one trade. As soon as you win a trade go back to the initial trading amount and begin again with the same. Keep repeating the same process as long as you trade. If you stay disciplined and focused you should be able to make a good profit in a small time.

With this 60 second binary options strategy you will win most of the times. The downside of this strategy is that if unfortunately all your predictions go wrong in a streak you will lose big. This strategy should be practiced only when you have a high deposit and your broker allows small trading amounts like $10.If you have a deposited amount of $1500 and you start with $10, there is more than 99% chance that you will win ultimately.

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