60 Seconds Options

Binary options trading has seen a lot of changes since its inception but none of the changes has been as dynamic as the introduction of 60 seconds trading. 60 seconds trading is the shortest duration binary options trading which gives you the results in just a minute.

All the popular binary options brokers have listed this mode of trading in their trading platform. 60 seconds trading has attracted a lot of traders and is getting more and more popular with each passing day due to the extremely small expiry period.

What is 60 seconds trading?

In 60 seconds trading you have to predict if the price level of an asset will be higher or lower than the current price level after the period of 60 seconds i.e. one minute. It is as simple as that and the execution of trades in 60 seconds trading is also very simple.

In order to make a trade first of all you need to log into your binary options broker’s trading account. After that navigate to the trading platform of your binary options broker. Then select 60 seconds trading mode. Now you need to select an asset you want to trade. The most popular assets traded in 60 seconds trading are currency pairs.

After selecting the asset you need to predict the of price movement of the asset. If you feel that the expiry price level will be higher than the current price level, select High or Up option. On the other hand if you feel that the expiry price will be lower than the current price level, select Low or Down option. Next you need to enter the amount you want to trade. You do not need to select an expiry period because it is essentially one minute in this mode of trading. After this you can make the trade.

At the end of expiry period which is one minute, the result of the trade will be available to you. If your prediction was correct the profit along with your invested amount will be added to your trading balance immediately. If your prediction was wrong, you will lose the invested amount.

60 seconds strategy

The payouts in the case of 60 seconds trading is generally a little higher as compared to the High or Low trading because 60 seconds trading is a high risk business. It is very difficult to apply any strategy for such a small duration of time. But there is a strategy which can be applied to win money.

The strategy is known as the Double Up strategy. First of all you should select an asset which offers a high payout (aim at least 85%). Next trade a small amount selecting either High or Low. If you win you will earn a small profit and you must trade the same amount again. However, if you lose double your invested amount so that if you win you can recover your amount lost. Keep doubling up the amount till you win and start with a small amount again when you win.

You must remember that you should have a sufficiently high deposit amount for this method to work effectively.

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