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This section is the one that will propel your trading to the next level. This section will take you from beginner to advanced – but it will not be without hard work on your part. You must learn all the expressions and how they fit together, and also understand the different elements of a binary options strategy – something you can learn a lot more about in the next section: Strategies.

In this section we help you narrow down all the options you have for creating the best binary options strategy for your personality and trading style. This includes finding out if you are a trend follower or a swing trader, and which time frames suit you best.

What you can learn from our academy

Master new strategies

We show you advanced strategies that can take your trading to the next level. Learn how to trade gaps, how to profit from overbought and oversold markets, and how to follow trends and trade swings.

These new strategies will help you win a higher percentage of your trades, and thereby increase your profit. Becoming an expert at these strategies is an essential step to becoming a successful binary option trader. Leave the guess work behind and start knowing what you are doing.

These strategies require you to have reached the intermediate skill level of a binary option trader. You should know which assets and which option types are out there, and what is the difference between a high / low option and a touch option. The strategies of this section require an a little more detailed explanation then strategies in our beginner section, which is why we cannot cover the basics every single time.

Learn new indicators

To become a successful binary option trader, you need to what the market is doing. Understanding which indicator to use for which type of market environment and which type of strategy is the secret to knowing what the market will do next.

To help you be one step ahead of other traders, we will explain different types of indicators and which strategy you should use them for:

When you combine these indicators with the strategies we talked about in the previous segment, you will be able to make sophisticated predictions about what the market will do next. You can trade these predictions with binary options and make money with them.

Become an expert at the little things

Successful traders make trading seem effortless. Why? Because they do the little things right every time that are so important. This enables them to see and understand things newcomers and average traders can neither see nor understand. Our academy will help you to become a master at these little things, too.

These little things include:

When you learn to trade your type of asset at the right time of the day with the right mindset, your earnings will increase significantly. The same applies to all other texts of this subcategory.

This section builds on what you learned in our beginner’s section. To fully understand all our articles, you should have some prior knowledge. This section targets traders with an intermediate skill level. If you are not quite there yet, read our beginners section first.

Candlestics are a must

Here you are also introduced to one of the most essential tools of binary options: Candlesticks. This includes:

  • Simple candlestick formations
  • Complex candlestick formations
  • Comparing Candlestick formations

You will probably not be able to survive in the binary options world without taking a serious look at candlesticks.

The terms

Reaching the next level includes learning new terms and of course understanding how they should influence your trading. Some of these terms are:

Once you are done here we welcome you to take a look at our extensive section about strategies. That is – after all – where the money lies.

Happy reading!


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