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anyoption Demo - logoAnyoption is considered as one of the most innovative binary options brokers. Read our Anyoption guide and find out why this brokers don’t offer demo account services.

Why you do not need an anyoption demo account

As we have already mentioned in the introduction of this article,  anyoption does not offer a demo account. The broker has designed their services in a way that renders a demo account obsolete. For you, this might be a great advantage. You can save yourself the hassle of signing up for a demo account but still reap the same rewards.

Demo accounts are a relic of the early days of binary options trading. Back then, you needed to download large software programs to your PC. You could only trade while you were sitting in front of the computer you had the broker’s software installed on – a boring way of trading that tied you to your chair all day.

Since these days, a lot has happened. To make trading more interesting and available to everyone, binary options brokers have changed the way their trading platforms operate. Now, you no longer need to download software. Binary options trading platforms have become accessible online platforms that offer various opportunities.

According to the broker, this technology development has eliminated the need for a demo account. While you needed a demo account to log in to the old software trading platforms, modern trading platforms are waiting to be accessed by everyone on their broker’s website.

To test anyoption’s trading platform, you therefore only have to open the anyoption website. Under the menu item “option trading” select the type of binary option you want to look into. Now you will automatically open the exact same trading platform as you would use it for actual investing.

You can study each detail of the trading platform, analyze which payouts you can get under real trading conditions, and decide for yourself if anyoption is the right broker for you. In five minutes, you can complete the same process that would have taken you at least half a day if you would have had to download software and register a demo account.

In this sense, you can be happy that anyoption does not offer a demo account but employs improved trading system.

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