Banc De Binary Scam

Banc De Binary ScamBanc De Binary is one of the most popular binary options brokers. But are they scamming their customers? We have tested the broker in every detail. Read our article, Banc De Binary Scam here.

To distinguish legitimate brokers from scams, we must answer these questions:

  • Which security measures does a broker use to exclude criminals from their customer base?
  • Does the broker offer high enough payouts for you to make money?
  • Is some institution controlling the broker, making sure that there it doesn’t scam you?
  • What experience did other brokers and partners of the broker have?

To find out whether Banc De Binary is a scam, let’s look at each of these points individually.

Is there a Banc De Binary scam?

To answer the question whether Banc De Binary is a scam, let’s look at each of the points that define a legitimate broker.

Zero tolerance of criminal activity

Scam brokers often give themselves away by allowing everyone to do business with them. Since these brokers plan to steal their customers’ money anyway, they do not care who their customers are and what kind of money they are dealing with.

For legitimate brokers, things are a little more complicated. Since the Internet is an anonymous place, these traders have to make sure that their customers are honest people and not crooks who want to launder the money they stole from someone. By checking which side of the equation a broker comes down on, you can learn a lot about the broker’s trustworthiness.

Banc De Binary clearly is a trustworthy broker. By asking you to proof your identity by sending a picture of your ID and proof of residence to their customer support, Banc De Binary employs the kind of rigid security system that identifies the kind of broker traders want to work with.

Verdict: Legit.

High payouts

Instead of directly stealing your money, some scam brokers employ a more subtle approach. These brokers put you in a position where it is impossible for you to make money by trading, thereby robbing you through the back door, forcing you to surrender your money to them voluntarily.

With some of the highest payouts in the industry, Banc De Binary puts you in the perfect position to make money. You always get correct market data, fair assets to invest in, and an accurate pricing. If someone fails to make money with Banc De Binary, it is definitely not the broker’s fault.

Verdict: Legit.

Government regulated & award winning

Banc De Binary is regulated by the Cyprian government. The CySEC (Cyprian Security and Exchange Commission) makes sure that Banc De Binary is no scam but offers their customers a legitimate business, controlling every aspect of the broker from payment methods to investments.

Being regulated is one of the strongest signs that you are dealing with a legitimate broker that you can get. Why would a scam broker put itself under the scrutiny of government control? It would only make it more difficult to scam people.

Verdict: Legit.

Long history, high-profile partners

Banc De Binary is one of the oldest, most respected binary options brokers. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of binary options traders, helping many of them to a long trading career and financial independence. Additionally, Banc De Binary partners with such high profile partners such as the British soccer giant FC Liverpool.

Both the many traders and the high-profile partners have done their due diligence with Banc De Binary, some of them using lawyers and other professionals to perform the analysis, all of them concluding that Banc De Binary is no scam but a legitimate business. You can trust their analysis.

Verdict: Legit.


Banc De Binary offers a convincing service in every aspect. If you want to sign up with this 100%-legitimate broker, follow our link, and you can start trading within 5 minutes.


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