Banc De Binary Trading Hours

Banc De Binary Trading HoursAre you interested in finding out exactly what the Banc De Binary trading hours is? We have great news for you!

Regardless of the time zone you live in, Banc De Binary’s full time trading hours make investing at any time of the day easy.

Banc De Binary trading hours for commodities and currencies

To invest in an asset, there has to be an open stock exchange somewhere in the world where this asset is traded. Commodities and currencies are traded on every major stock exchange in the world, which is why there is always an open stock exchange during weekdays. Therefore, you can trade currency pairs at any time during the week.

There are, however, some times when trading volume for commodities is low. In these times, investing in a binary option based on commodities would not make much sense. As a result, Banc De Binary slightly limits its trading hours for commodities. You can invest in binary options based on most commodities every day from 03:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT.

Trading hours for stocks and indices

For stocks and indices, opening hours are more complex. Every stock is traded at its home stock exchange, and every indices is only calculated while the corresponding stock exchange is open. Therefore, you can only invest in a binary option based on a stock or indices while its home stock exchange is open for trading.

Obviously, the opening and closing times of stock exchanges all over the world vary greatly due to the different time zones they are located in. For binary option traders, this is a huge advantage: There is always an open stock exchange. Therefore, you can always invest in a binary option based on stocks or indices.

Banc De Binary’s wide array of assets allows you to make good use of the different opening times of stock exchanges around the world. Here are some of the most important opening times of stocks and indices that you can invest in with Banc De Binary:

  • Nikkei 225: 00:30 GMT to 06:00 GMT
  • Dow Jones: 13:40 GMT to 20:00 GMT
  • Hang Seng: 01:30 GMT to 08:00 GMT
  • FTSE 100: 07:30 GMT to 15:30 GMT
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