Binary Options Broker

A binary options broker is a website which provides a software for the users to trade in the binary options market.

The software is popularly known as the trading platform and it gives direct access to the live trading platform. With the exponential rise in the number of binary options traders there has been a corresponding growth in the number of binary options brokers as well. With the huge number of binary options brokers it may be confusing to select one from the lot.

Therefore we have done the research for you, and we have listed the best of the best brokers online. These are brokers that have easy to use platforms, great transaction options and of course the latest in technology when it comes to safety. In other words you can safely choose any of the brokers on that list.

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Features expected from binary options brokers

Platform: You do not want a binary options broker which has a slow, non-responsive and complex trading platform. Having a non-responsive platform will quickly prove to be very irritating. All the brokers on our site have a user friendly platform.

Payout and bonus: High payout and bonus mean better profit. Bonus is a onetime thing offered when you sign up. So payout should be given priority. Always look for a binary options broker which gives you at least 75% average payout.

Membership plans: Apart from the basic trading feature if you are interested in some additional features like account manager, priority etc. you will have to switch to a better membership plans. The minimum deposit for better membership plans is higher.

Demo account: If you want to use a demo account, chose a broker which offers one.

Currency: It is better to use a binary options broker which supports your national currency otherwise you will have to pay the currency conversion charge.

Transaction options: It is very important that your binary options broker supports the transaction option you want to use. If it is not so, you will have to transfer money from one account to another and you will end up paying an extra amount which can be avoided. If you are looking to use your credit card or debit card, then you need not worry because all the binary options brokers support this option.

Withdrawal: It is advisable to use a binary options broker with easy withdrawal conditions. Your binary options broker must not charge you for making a withdrawal and at least one withdrawal per month must be free of cost. The withdrawals must be processed within three days and it would be even better if there is no minimum withdrawal limit.

Assets: Your binary options broker must have at least 100 assets listed for trading. Having a high number of assets ensures that your favorite asset will be there in the list. Read more about assets.

Language: If your primary language is not English, you should consider selecting a broker which is available in your language. Customer assistance: There will be instances when you face some confusion or a problem. A reliable 24-7 live chat option of your broker will come in handy at such moments.


Now that you know what the features you need to focus while looking for a binary options broker are, you can select the broker suitable for you from the list of trustworthy brokers.

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