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Do you want a binary option broker that handles deposits and withdrawals quickly and without fees? BossCapital might be perfect for you. Learn more about BossCapital banking here.

How BossCapital banking works

One of the most crucial but often overlooked parts of binary options trading is the banking experience. As a professional binary option trader you constantly have to withdraw money to finance your living expenses. Even before you can live from your trading you will likely have to withdraw money often. Therefore, an easy and quick banking process is essential to a good broker.

BossCapital offers a convincing banking services. There are plenty of methods to deposit and withdraw money, and your requests are handled quickly. You can choose from these deposit methods with BossCapital:

Credit card / debit card: The easiest and quickest way to deposit money into your account is by credit card. Credit card deposits are booked to your account immediately. There is no fee applied and no other type of charge.

Ewallet: Online payment providers also allow you to deposit money into your account immediately and without any fees.

Wire transfer: Wire transfer is the slowest deposit method – wire transfer deposits can take up to seven business days, depending on where you live and the customs of your bank.

With these deposit methods, BossCapital allows you to deposits money immediately and without any cost – what more could anybody ask for? When it comes to withdrawals, however, there is one payment method that stand outs.

Ewallets often only work in one direction – they allow you to send a payment, but not to receive one. Therefore, you can’t withdraw money from BossCapital by ewallet. This limits your withdrawal methods to wire transfer and credit card, both of whom have very unique properties:

a) Wire transfer withdrawals can take up to 10 business days. In addition to the seven days it takes to transfer the money, BossCapital factors in a two day period to process your deposit. Also, there is a fee if you withdraw money by wire transfer more than once per month.

b) Credit card withdrawals also require a 2-day processing period, but are paid immediately after that. Additionally, no fee applies to credit card withdrawals. Credit card withdrawals are quicker and cheaper than withdrawals by wire transfer.

To avoid money laundering, you are only allowed to withdraw as much money by credit card as you deposited with the exact same card. Therefore, you should consider your withdrawal preference when you deposit money: To be able to withdraw money, you also need to deposit money by credit card.


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