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Is BossCapital the right broker for you? We show you how to try out the BossCapital demo and test their service to find out for yourself – for free!

Try out the BossCapital demo

Before you open an account with a binary option broker, you should make sure that you and this broker are a good match. While every trader has their own criteria for what they are looking for in a binary option broker, these criteria usually are a mix of objective criteria, such as the right selection of assets and binary option types, and subjective criteria, such as the right feel and whether they can handle the trading platform easily or not.

The perfect way to put these criteria to the test is a using a demo of the brokers trading platform. Whatever you are looking for in a binary option broker, a demo account allows you to test it first hand and under real trading conditions.

In the old days, when you had to trade via large software programs that you downloaded and installed to your computer, you needed a demo account to try this software. Fortunately, our modern days make things a lot easier.

To demo BossCapital’s trading platform, simply access BossCapital’s website. In the top menu, you will find a menu item called “trade”. Click the item and you will be directed to BossCapital’s trading platform – the exact same trading platform as every customer of BossCapital uses it.

On the top left of the trading platform, you can choose the type of binary option you want to use. Below, you find the list of all available assets for this binary option with the expiry time next to it. Choose a binary option type and an asset, and you will see the asset’s price chart appear in the right half of the trading platform.[table id=37/]

The right half of the trading platform displays the asset’s current price, and the payout you can get. To invest, you only need to enter the amount you want to invest and click either call or put to invest in rising or falling prices respectively.

Of course, you can’t yet make an actual investment. After all, you have not yet opened an account and not have deposited funds into your account. That, however, should not stop you from finding all the information you need. Are you comfortable with the trading platform? Do you like the payouts? Are there enough assets to invest in?

A demo allows you to answer these questions quickly. Based on your answer, you can make an informed decision whether BossCapital is the right broker for you.

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