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Learn about the low BossCapital minimum deposit. They do, however, offer even more perks to make a higher investment.

How high is the BossCapital Minimum Deposit?

After opening an account with BossCapital, you need to deposit at least $200 to start trading. Strictly speaking, these $200 are the minimum deposit with BossCapital. There are, however, good reasons to deposit more money and set your individual minimum deposit a little higher than $200.

The main problem with depositing as little as $200 with BossCapital is that you have a small margin of error. Even a short streak of bad luck can cause you to lose such a big part of your money that you can’t continue trading. This reason alone should be enough to deposit more than $200.

BossCapital perks

There is, however, another major reason to deposit more than $200. When you deposit only $200 you fail to qualify for BossCapital’s account model. The account model is a system of perks that rewards you for a higher account balance.

To get boss capitals entry level account type, the mini account, you need to make a minimum deposit of at least $1,000. Reaching this milestone has such great advantages that we encourage every new trader to deposit at least $1,000. You get:

  • A 40% deposit bonus,
  • 1 trading strategy,
  • Daily market reviews,
  • Introductory ebooks and videos.

These perks are significant. The 40% deposit bonus alone means that you will start your trading career with $1,400, including a $400 gift from BossCapital. This gift is simply too good to pass up. Why would you leave free money on the table, especially when it allows you the so important cushion to make a few mistakes in the beginning?

Especially when you think about investing an amount close to $1,000, you should consider adding the money to make it over the step. Investing $800, for example, will result in an account balance of $800. When you add $200, however, and invest $1,000, you will get the 40% deposit bonus and a resulting account balance of $1,400 – a $600 gain on a $200 investment. There is no other way to triple your money so easily. Do not miss out on this chance!

Similarly, every other step to the next higher account offers similarly high rewards in BossCapital’s account model. If you are planning to invest an amount just below the next higher step, we strongly encourage you to increase your investment to make the next higher step and get a much higher bonus.

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