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CherryTrade App - LogoDo you want to make money from anywhere? Then try the CherryTrade app!

CherryTrade’s mobile now allows you to turn every delay and waiting time into a financial gain.

How to trade binary options with the CherryTrade app

Investing with CherryTrade’s mobile app is a quick and easy process. Before you can start investing, you only need to open an account with CherryTrade and install the app to your mobile device.

The CherryTrade app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Simply access the App Store or the Play Store and search for CherryTrade. Click install, and the CherryTrade will automatically be loaded an installed to your device. Now open the app and login with your account details. If you do not already have a CherryTrade account, you need to register an account first.

The app uses a main menu in the bottom. There, you can select the binary option type, the asset, the trading platform, your account settings, and your portfolio. To start investing, first select your binary option type by clicking on the “products” tap. For the next step, click the “assets” tab and choose the type of asset you want to invest in.

Now you can switch to the trade tap. You will see a long list of assets and their current prices. When a price changes, this will be indicated by a green colored overlay (for rising prices) or a red colored overlay (for falling prices). Select your desired asset by tipping it with your finger.

Now you will enter CherryTrade’s trading screen. You see the assets price diagram in the main screen, with the payout to the top and the put / call selection area on the bottom. At the top, you can select the amount you want to invest and the expiration time you want to use. Below your invested amount, you can see how much money you will get if you win this trade. To invest, choose the right amount, the right expiry, and click on put or call.

We also encourage you to take advantage of the final two menu tabs to manage your account settings and to review your open and expired positions. Knowing how successful your past trades were will help you to become a more successful trader in the future.

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