CherryTrade Binary Options

CherryTrade Binary Options - logoThis article tells you everything you need to know about CherryTrade binary options. CherryTrade offers a wide selection of binary option types, featuring classics and new, innovative option types that help you adapt to any trading environment.

CherryTrade binary options available

You are offered three different CherryTrade binary options types:

High / low options

High / low options are the classic binary option type: You have to predict whether the market will rise or fall over a given period of time. Time periods can be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. High / low options can generate payouts of up to 81%.

One touch

One touch options are designed to help you take advantage of a strong market movement. If you can predict that the market will move far in one direction, why should you trade this prediction with high / low options, which only require the market to move one bit in the right direction? Since you are giving a more exact prediction (a significant movement instead of just any movement), your better prediction should be rewarded with a higher payout.

This is what one touch options are for. One touch options feature a far away target price. The market has to touch this target price at least once in order for you to win your binary option. Since one touch options require more exact predictions, they also offer higher payouts of up to 500%.

60 seconds

60 seconds options are designed for market environments where regular high / low options are too slow. Instead of having expiry times of minutes and hours, 60 seconds option use an expiry time of only 60 seconds. With this shorter expiry times, you can trade new market environments and situations. Traders looking to trade the payout, for example, will find 60 seconds options a much more accurate tool than regular high / low options.

Additionally, 60 seconds options allow you to place more trades in the same amount of time, thereby offering the highest earning potential of any binary option type.


Ladder options are a variation  of high / low options that uses a price level other than the current market price as the basis for its high / low option. You can predict that the market will close above or below a far away price level, thereby either creating very risky trades with a high payout or very safe trades with a low payout. Ladder options are ideal to trade extreme market environments that are either highly volatile or very calm.


iFollow options allow you to copy the trades of a professional binary options trader. Even without any knowledge you can use iFollow options to invest on the level of a professional trader – a feat that you could not even accomplish with years of practice and training.

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