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CherryTrade Bonus - logoMoney for free – that sounds too good to be true? Well, with CherryTrade it does not. Learn how to get your free CherryTrade bonus now.

How to get a free CherryTrade bonus

Getting a free bonus with CherryTrade is easy. All you have to do is open and fund an account. Depending on how much money you put into your account, you will get a free bonus from an additional 25% to an additional 100% on your first deposit.

This means, if you deposit $1,000 with CherryTrade and get the 50% bonus, you will have an account balance of $1,500 – the additional $500 are your deposit bonus.

When starting your trading career, such a significant starting bonus can make a big difference to your long term success. It allows you to make initial mistakes without having to worry about money too much – since the deposit bonus provided you with a nice cushion, you can afford to lose money without endangering yourself of being broke.

The height of your deposit bonus depends on your account type. The higher your account type, the higher your bonus. You can get a higher account type by depositing more money with CherryTrade:

Classic account: CherryTrade’s entry level account type, the classic account, starts at a minimum deposit of $200 and provides traders with a deposit bonus of 25%.

Bronze account: Starting with a minimum deposit of $500, you get CherryTrade’s bronze account with a deposit bonus of 50%.

Silver account: One of the most popular trading accounts, CherryTrade’s silver account 50% deposit bonus, starting at $1,000.

Gold account: The gold account, CherryTrade’s second highest account type, starts at $5,000 and provides you with a deposit bonus of 75%.

Platinum account:  Starting with a minimum deposit of $10,000, CherryTrade’s platinum account offers you a deposit bonus of 100%.

In additional to the deposit bonus, you will also get four risk free trades, starting with the bronze account. Depending on your account type, you are allowed to invest more or less money on these trades:

  • Bronze account: $25 per trade.
  • Silver account: $50 per trade.
  • Gold account: $250 per trade.
  • Platinum account: $500 per trade.

This is a nice added feature, much like a hidden deposit bonus that also increases your account balance to start your trading career.

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