CherryTrade Demo

CherryTrade Demo - logoDo you want to try CherryTrade’s service for free, without signing up? It’s not easy, but you can do it. Here’s how you can try the CherryTrade demo.

CherryTrade demo – how to

When trying to test CherryTrade, many traders face a dilemma. CherryTrade does not offer a free demo account. Many traders mistake this as a sign that they can’t test CherryTrade at all before they open an account. This, however, is not true. In fact, CherryTrade is offering something even better than a demo account you have to sign up for and share your personal data over the internet.

In recent years, most binary option brokers stopped offering a demo account – but not because they wanted to make testing their service impossible. On the contrary, brokers simply started to include a demo of their service on their website, available for everyone. CherryTrade does the exact same thing.

When you open CherryTrade’s website, you only have to scroll down and you will see a fully functioning demo of their investment platform. Of course, you can’t actually invest without an account, but you can check out all of the platform’s function. Select different assets, binary option types, and see what payout you would get in the current situation.

You can also try out different time frames, see which expiry times are available under which conditions, and how your expiry time and your option type influence your payout. There is little more you could ask from your demo account – it will tell you everything you need to know about the trading process with CherryTrade.

For most traders, this type of in-depth demo is easily enough to judge whether CherryTrade is a good broker for them. If you want to make a few trades before you decide to open an account, you can easily do so with pen and paper.

Simply note the time, the option type, the asset, and the payout when you would normally invest according to your trading strategy. Wait until your option would have expired and see whether you would have won or lost your trade. With this paper trading test you can easily evaluate how well you would do with CherryTrade under real trading conditions.

This way of testing a broker is much easier, quicker, and involves less hassle than registering for a demo account that provides you with little to no additional features.

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