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CherryTrade iFollow - logoAre you tired of trying to master binary options but always falling short? CherryTrade now offers iFollow options, a tool that can make you successful instantly. Learn more about the CherryTrade iFollow options here:

How to trade the CherryTrade iFollow options

The basic premise of binary options is that you have to analyze the market and choose when to invest. This is also where most difficulties come from. Traders make mistakes, evaluate the situation wrong, and invest wrong. With CherryTrade’s iFollow options these problems are a thing of the past.

Instead of having to analyze the market yourself, CherryTrade allows you to copy the trades of professional binary option traders. When these brokers make an investment, the investment will be automatically copied into your account. You do not have to do anything – you can make money in your sleep.

To invest in an iFollow option, simply open the iFollow tab on CherryTrade’s website. You will now see a long list of traders. These are the professional traders CherryTrade offers you to copy trades from. For each trader, CherryTrade list the trader’s nanme, home country, success rate, and amount won.

To copy a traders trades, you simply need to enter how much you want to invest per trade, how long you want to invest with this trader, and how much you want to invest overall. Then click “copy”, and CherryTrade will copy all of the traders trades into your account, using the investment amount you selected.

Once your total investment amount is used up or your time limit is reached, CherryTrade will automatically stop copying the traders trades. You can also copy trades from multiple traders.

With this system, CherryTrade saves you the investment in a signal provider. A signal provider can do exactly what these professional traders can do for you – they can indicate what to invest in and how. In contrast to the iFollow feature, signal providers do not execute their signals automatically. This means you have to do additional work, there will always be a time delay that reduces the quality of your signal, and you create the possibility for mistakes.

CherryTrade’s iFollow option is the ideal solution for any trader that wants to outsource their trading to a true professional, and simultaneously the easiest, best, and cheapest way to make money with binary options without having to master technical analysis first.

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