CherryTrade Test

CherryTrade Test - logoCherryTrade is a relatively new binary option broker that has a lot to offer. Simply put, in our test, CherryTrade blew us away. Lear more in our CherryTrade test here:

The CherryTrade test

To find a good binary option broker for the start of your trading career, you need three things:

  1. Diverse assets from all types, time zones, and categories.
  2. Innovative binary option types that allow you to take advantage oif any trading environment.
  3. Good, easily available support, in case you have a problem.

Let’s see what CherryTrade has to offer in these three aspects.

1. Assets

CherryTrade offers assets in three categories:

  • Currencies,
  • Stocks,
  • Indices,
  • Commodities.

For each category, CherryTrade offers a long list of assets from all over the world. The selection of currencies, indices, and commodities is unmatched. Only in stocks, some brokers offer even more assets to invest in. While CherryTrade offers stocks from all over the world and types of business, some brokers offer even more stocks to invest in. Whether you need more than enough is your decision, but we have to lower CherryTrade’s grade slightly because of this fact.

Grade: A-

Binary option types

This is where CherryTrade truly shines. While many brokers only offer the conventional binary option types everybody offers, CherryTrade has two new tricks up its sleeve that can help you become a lot more successful: Ladder options and iFollow options. Ladder options are the ideal trading instrument for experienced traders, while iFollow options can help even newcomers to trade on the high level of an experienced trader. Since there is no weakness in CherryTrade’s list of binary option types, they deserve the highest grade.

Grade A+


You have a problem and need help? Then CherryTrade is the perfect binary option broker for you. CherryTrade offers support 24 hours on weekdays. Support is free quick to answer, and available on multiple channels: You can find help via email, live chat, and FAQ.

Usually, CherryTrade’s support will have a solution for your problem within a few minutes. In the fast-paced world of binary options this is an important feature for a broker, because minutes can decide whether you can take advantage of a highly profitable trading opportunity or not. With CherryTrade’s quick, easily available support, you will always be one step ahead of the market – which deserves the highest grade in this catgegory.

Grade: A+


The only fault we could find with CherryTrade is that some other brokers offer an even longer list of stocks to invest in – in most cases, this will be more stocks than you could ever invest in, which is why this leaves only a small disadvantage to CherryTrade. In all fairness, we therefore have to give them a top overall grade.

Overall grade: A+

This completes the CherryTrade test – we hope it taught you everything you need to know to start your trading.

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