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It is the dream of every binary option trader: A free robot that can make you money. Now, this dream has finally come true. It has been about time.

The best free robot

BinaryOptionRobot logoThe new provider that offers a robot for free is Binary Option Robot. Well, technically, for free is not absolutely true. The robot is free for you. Your broker will pay the fee for you. This is only fair. After all, it is your broker who want you as a costumer. Why should you pay for the things you need to use their service?

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To accomplish this feat, Binary Option Robot uses a simple but genius system: Binary option brokers offer a premium to everyone that delivers them a new customer. Binary Option Robot takes that premium, and you get their robot for free.

For you, this does not make a difference. The broker will not bill you any additional costs. If you do not register with the broker via Binary Option Robot, the broker would simply keep the bonus to itself.


Best free robot in the world

Why it was about time

It was about time that a robot provider offered its robot for free. The fact of the matter is that many robot providers employ a similar system as Binary Option Robot. When you sign up with them, they will provide you with a list of supported brokers. If you register with one of these brokers, your robot provider, too, will get a bonus for delivering a new customer.

The difference is that those robot providers still bill you a lot of money for their robot and keep the bonus from the broker for themselves. In fact, they do not even mention the broker’s bonus and try to trick you into registering with this broker.

This behavior is borderline outrageous and straight out dishonest. With Binary Option Robot, there is finally a broker that admits what is going on and pays the additional reward back to the person who deserves it: You.

When you register with Binary Option Robot, you do not have to pay any money. But that does not mean that you get the robot for free. The broker you have to register with is paying the fee for you. That is finally a fair system where your robot provider is not trying to rob you blind.

Can I trust a free robot?

I know. We all feel that what is more expensive must be better. By that logic, what is free must be worthless, right? Well, not in this case. Binary Option Robot are not offering their robot for free, they just found a genius way to let someone else pay the bill for you.

Since that someone is the broker who wants your business anyway, this is only fair. Those robot providers that charge you an additional $200 for their robot are much like the guys at dark street corners, selling fake Rolex watches for a lot of money – just because their product is more expensive, it is not necessarily better.

Even the list of brokers Binary Option Robot offers you to sign up with are top-notch. Especially Banc De Binary, but also brokers such as TR Binary Options or GOptions, are first class brokers that have been around for quite a while and are trusted by many. Signing up with these brokers will be a good foundation for you success a trader.

To make a long story short: To become a binary option trader, you need to sign up with a broker anyway. If you do this through Binary Option Robot, you get a free robot along with it. For you, there are no negative effects at all.

You can try, and if you like it, great. If you do not like it, you do not have to use it. After all, it didn’t cost you any money. You can still pay a lot of money for a robot, if you feel the need to. But thanks to Binary Option Robot, you do not have to.

This offer is too good to pass. We strongly encourage all our users to try Binary Option Robot risk free and see if they like their service. You will never get that good of an offer again.

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