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Are you looking for a binary options broker with innovative and highly profitable investments? Then Magnum Options binary options might be perfect for you.

Learn about the 7 Magnum Options Binary Options

Discover the Magnum Options binary options types:

High / low options

Magnum Options calls high / low options simply “binary options”. While the name has changed, the classic binary options type works exactly as with any other binary options broker: You have to predict whether the price of an asset will rise or fall over a given period of time. You can choose this period from a few minutes to the end of the day. If you win, you get a payout of roughly 80%.

Pair options

Sometimes it is hard to predict whether an asset will rise or fall. In this situation, you might have a better chance of investing in a pair option. Pair options compare two assets in relation to each other. Which asset will outperform the other? In an uncertain market environment, it is often much easier to predict which asset will outperform the other than whether either asset will rise or fall on its own.

Long term options

Long term options extend the trading idea of high / low options into the future. Instead of trading short time periods of minutes and hours, long term options allow you to invest long term – your expiry time can be one months, several months, or even one year into the future.

Sixty seconds options

Sixty seconds options are the exact opposite of long term options. As the name indicates, 60 seconds options use expiry times of only 60 seconds – the fastest way of trading binary options and ideal to trade short term movements such as breakouts. Being able to make more trades in a short period of time also increases your overall earning potential.

One touch

One touch options are ideal to trade strong movements. One touch options define a usually far away target price. If the market reaches this price at least once before your option expires, you win your option. With payouts of up to 500%. One touch options also offer you the chance to make a lot of money.

Ladder options

Ladder options work much like a high / low option, but do not use the current market price as a mark. Instead, ladder options define five prices and you can predict for each of these prices if the market will close above or below the price. Depending on how far each price is from the current market price, you will get a higher or lower payout – the maximum payout is 1,500%, the highest payout you can get with binary options!

iFollow options

iFollow options are ideal for new traders. Instead of having to invest yourself, iFollow options allow you to copy the trades of a professional broker. This system is genius – it allows you to make money without doing anything and without any knowledge – you can literally make money while you sleep.


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