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Are you new to binary options and want to start making money right away? Then Magnum Options iFollow options are exactly what you need.

How to trade with Magnum Options iFollow Options

When starting out with binary options, new traders face a dilemma: Binary options can be a highly profitable type of investment, but nobody is born as a master trader, which makes an initial learning period inevitable. But how do you deal with this learning period? Are you willing to lose money initially, due to mistakes and errors, to make money later? With iFollow options, you do not have to.

Magnum Options’ iFollow options allow you to copy the trades of professional traders. Every decision this trader makes will automatically be copied into your account. The trader invest in rising prices for the EUR/USD currency pair? So do you, automatically.

With iFollow options, the entire trading process is automatic. You do not have to do anything, you can literally make money while you sleep. Whenever the trader you follow makes a trade, it will automatically be copied into your account.

You can choose which trader or which traders you want to follow from a long list of traders on Magnum Options website. Each trader is listed with their previous track record, which percentage of their trades they have won, and how much money they made in the process. You can copy trades from a single trader or multiple traders at the same time.

When you choose to copy a trader’s investments, you can set an overall maximum investment and a maximum investment per trade. Magnum Options will automatically copy the trader’s decisions into your account, using the amount you want to invest per trade. When you reach your maximum investment amount, they will stop copying the trader’s trades. This way, you can effectively limit your risk.

Especially new traders who do not yet know how to trade binary options can profit greatly from an automated system such as iFollow options. It allows them to make money from the start, while at the same time seeing an experienced trader make decisions first hand, thereby learning the basics of binary options trading themselves.

Also, traders who paid a signal provider or robot to generate signals or trading decisions for them can now save money by simply using Magnum Options’ iFollow options to achieve the same outcome for free.

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