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Nadex logoThe Nadex demo is the perfect tool to test binary options risk-free, as it doesn’t require a deposit. Allowing you to trade with play money instead of real money, the Nadex demo enables you to test every aspect of binary options, of trading online, and of your personality and skill set without risking anything.

Along the way, the Nadex demo offers a few intriguing features.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why the Nadex demo is special,
  • How to get the Nadex demo, and
  • What you should do with the Nadex demo.

With this knowledge, you will be able to test binary options completely risk-free and without having to invest a single Cent.

Why the Nadex demo is special

The Nadex demo is one of the very few binary options demos that allows you to test binary options without having to make an investment.

Most other brokers and exchanges offer their demos as features of their regular accounts. To get a demo, you have to get a regular trading account, and to get a regular trading account; you have to deposit money with the broker.

For newcomers, this is a somewhat strange setup. Beginners want to use a demo to find out whether they have what it takes to make money with binary options and whether the like the trading style in general. Having to invest money into something before you are allowed to test it is like requiring you to buy a car before you can make a test drive – it makes little sense.

What makes things even worse is that some brokers restrict their demos to their wealthiest clients. To get a demo with these brokers, you often have to invest $10,000 or more, which makes absolutely no sense for binary options beginners. You would have to invest big to find out whether it makes sense to invest big – who would do that?

Nadex presents a way around this dilemma by offering their demo as a stand-alone account. To get the Nadex demo, you do not have to get one of their trading accounts; you can simply sign up for the demo alone.

Nadex frees you from the need to make an investment before you can test binary options with them. The demo is completely investment-free, and you do not have to deposit a single Cent with Nadex to get it. In fact, the signup process could not be easier.

How to get the Nadex demo

Getting the Nadex demo takes you less than five minutes. All you have to do is follow one of our links to the Nadex website and choose to sign up for their demo.

Our links will take you to the Nadex signup form. For the demo, you only need to choose a username and your country and provide your email. That’s it. Click submit, and your demo is ready.

From now on, you can use $25,000 in play money to test every aspect of binary options that you want. Your demo lasts a lifetime, but if you should run out of money, you can simply sign up for another demo. Since you do not have to deposit money with Nadex to get a demo, and the demo is not tied to your regular trading account, there is no harm in having multiple demos. If you want, you can get ten demos simultaneously – there is no limit.

Because the entire signup process is so simple, there is not a lot that you can do wrong. The only thing you have to watch for when signing up for your demo is to choose the right country. This setting determines the time zone of your account and the currency it will use. Choose wisely, or you will have to trade with a strange currency and offset times.

Other than that, the signup is easy, and you should be able to manage to get your demo quickly and without any problems.

What you should do with the Nadex demo

To prepare yourself for binary options trading, there are a few things you need to learn with your demo. The Nadex demo’s risk-free environment is the perfect place to learn these lessons:

  1. Do you have what it takes to become a successful binary options trader? While binary options can be highly profitable investments, not everyone is made to trade binary options successful. Besides, there is also a risk involved when it comes to trading with real money. The Nadex demo is the perfect to find out whether you have what it takes without having to invest a single Cent.
  2. Which type of trading suits you best? Binary options types are highly diverse. Nobody can tell you which type of binary options you will like best or which strategy could make you the most money. Consequently, the only way for you to learn these crucially important things is by trial and error. To avoid having to test strategies with real money, the Nadex demo puts you in the perfect position to find your perfect trading strategy without risking a single Cent.
  3. Is Nadex the right binary options exchange for you? Nadex is a great exchange – but you still have to test whether you like the handling of their site, whether you can make money with them, and whether you want to sign up with them for a real trading account or not.

Go through these three steps, and you will be ready to trade binary options. The Nadex demo is the perfect place for this learning period because it does not require to make an initial invest and thereby frees you to test Nadex and binary options completely without risk.

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