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Nadex tradingNadex trading offers traders tools that no other binary options exchange or broker can dream of. The result is an unmatched earning potential.

In this articles, you will learn:

With this knowledge, you will immediately be able to use Nadex to increase your profits.

How to use the Nadex trading platform

The first thing you will notice about the Nadex trading platform is that it is far more professional than the platforms of other binary options exchanges or brokers. Where other platforms look a bit like a game app, Nadex offers you the full functionality of a powerful trading platform. Surprisingly, Nadex managed to package all of these function in an easy to use way and keep their trading platform intuitive and newcomer-friendly.

To make an investment with Nadex, follow this simple three-step process:

  1. Select the asset you want to trade: Once you have opened the Nadex trading platform, you see a list of all the assets Nadex offers sorted by market and asset type on the left of your screen. To trade an asset, simply click on it, and its price chart will open to the right of your screen.
  2. Find a trading opportunity: Once you see the asset’s price chart, it is time to apply your trading strategy. Analyze the market in the way your strategy implies and find a profitable trading opportunity.
  3. Invest: Once you have found a trading opportunity, it is your time to capitalize on it. Choose the amount you want to invest, the expiry of your binary option, and the direction you want to invest in. If you want to place a limit order, select this option (more on limit orders later).

The entire process is so easy; it will become routine quickly. You can use either the desktop platform or the mobile platform NadexGo, available as a downloadable App, to both trade and manage your trading.

Investing with Nadex is just as simple and easy as with any other exchange or broker, but you have a few features at your disposal that make your life a whole lot easier. We will now take a look at these features.

Advantages of Nadex trading

Trading with Nadex provides you with a number of advantages that are unique to the binary options world. These advantages are:

Trade risk always defined on entry and Limit orders let the market come to you

Binary options long had to fight the critique of being too status quo focused. These critics claimed that the premise of having to invest now and having to invest based on the current market price severely limited your trading option. If you wanted to trade the market breaking out of price formation, for example, the critics claimed that you either had to watch the market all day and night until the breakout occurred or you were unable to trade it.

Nadex has solved this problem by offering limit orders. Limit orders allow you to identify a relevant price level and let the market come to you. Here’s how it works:

  1. You find the price level where you predict a movement. For example, if an asset is currently trading at $100 and you expect a strong upwards movement once it reaches $101, $101 would be the price level you want to place your trade.
  2. You set up your binary option. The first part of your option works like with a regular option. Define your investment and your expiry and the direction you want to invest in. Before you commit your investment, however, wait – there is another step.
  3. Define when you want to execute your trade. Since the market is currently far away from the price where you want to trade, you could not make the trade right now. With Nadex’ limit options, you can define the price where you want to execute your trade. In our example, you would set the limit price to $101. Once the market reaches $101, your order will be activated and executed automatically.

Nadex’ limit orders are a great tool to take advantage of what you see in the market. You no longer have to spend hours waiting for the market to come your way and you no longer have to accept anything less than the exact price you want.

With Nadex’ limit options, your trading can become more accurately and more profitable.

Improved analysis possibilities help you find better trading opportunities

With most other trading platforms, you can only perform simple market analysis. You have a simple price chart, and you can make only a few modifications. With Nadex, however, you get the full bandwidth of market analysis tools.

Regardless of whether you want to display market movements as candlesticks or line charts, whether you want to use technical indicators or draw resistance and support levels into your chart – Nadex has you covered.

These improved analysis possibilities are a gift to every trader. Even if you do not know how to use them, Nadex’ platform makes their function and use so self-evident that you will learn to use them easily. The result will be better trades and more profits.

Multiple available strike prices make your trading more precise

Periodically Nadex offers multiple different strike prices you can choose from. Compared to other binary options brokers, which only offer the current market price as a basis for their high / low options, Nadex allows you to trade more strategies and make more precise predictions, which results in higher profits.

If making accurate predictions is important to you, Nadex is the binary options exchange you should choose.

How to start Nadex trading

If you want to profit from Nadex’ unique service yourself, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Follow one of our links to the Nadex signup form.
  2. Fill out the Nadex signup form.
  3. Deposit money into your new account.

That’s it. By filling out the Nadex signup form, you get an account. By depositing money it, you get ready to trade. The entire process takes less than five minutes, but it allows you access to one of the best binary options exchanges out there.


Nadex trading has a unique potential. Combining a professional yet easy to use trading platform with extraordinary features that can increase your profits, Nadex is one of the best binary options exchanges on the market and a great business for both newcomers and experienced traders.

If you want to profit from Nadex, too, follow one of our links and sign up with Nadex now!

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