OptionFair Account Types

OptionFair Account Types - logoDue to the regulation by CySEC, this broker no longer supports binary options bonuses! 

Are you looking for highly rewarding accounts for little money? Then OptionFair is the right binary options broker for you. Learn more about the varieties of the OptionFair account types here.

Discover the OptionFair Account Types

To provide each trader with the service that is individually right for them, OptionFair provides five different account types. Which OptionFair account types you will get depends on how much money you deposit. Depositing more money will get you a better account type with more perks and additional features.

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OptionFair’s account model begins with the standard account, which starts at an initial deposit of $250 and provides you with a deposit bonus of 20 percent. You get an eBook on binary options and an introductory session with a financial expert.

Starting with a deposit of $500, OptionFair offers the silver account. The silver account increases the deposit bonus to 40 percent, increases your profits by 1 percent, and grants you 1 session with a financial expert per month. Additionally, you receive 1 trading signal per month.[table id=37/]

The gold account, OptionFair’s medium level account, starts with a $2,000 deposit and gets you a 60 percent deposit bonus. With the gold account, you get 2 percent additional profit per month, 2 sessions with a financial experts, and 2 trading signals per month.

Starting with a minimum deposit of $15,000, OptionFair offers the platinum account. The platinum account offers an 80 percent deposit bonus, 3 to 4 percent additional profit, and unlimited sessions with a financial expert per month. You also receive 3 trading signals per month.

OptionFair’s highest account type, the VIP account starts with a deposit of $50,000. It increases the deposit bonus to 100 percent, grants you 5 percent additional profit, and allows for unlimited sessions with a financial expert. The number of trading signals per month is increased to 6.

In addition to these features, each account type provides you with video tutorials and a free first withdrawal.

What stands out when comparing OptionFair’s account types to the account types of other brokers is its well-rounded nature. While most brokers either exclusively offer accounts for little money with little rewards or accounts with big rewards for big money, OptionFair provides good features for all price ranges.

The lowest two account types start at $250 and $500 – a very reasonable price to ask. Nonetheless, they provide such helpful features as deposit bonus and sessions with a financial expert. Higher account types reach up to $50,000 and provide you with the high rewards you would expect for this kind of high investment – you get free trading signals and higher profits.

By combining both types of accounts, OptionFair offers the right service for every type of trader.


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