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OptionFair Review - logoAre you looking for a good, trustworthy binary options broker? Then you should give OptionFair a try. Read the OptionFair review here.

The quick OptionFair review

Publicly traded and regulated

As a part of TechFinancials Inc. group, OptionFair is the first and only binary options broker that is traded on a stock exchange. OptionFair’s stock can be bought and sold at the London stock exchange. For you, this is an advantage because a publicly traded company has to publish their books and is subject to regulation and supervision. You can be sure that there is no illegal business going on and that your broker is in good shape financially – a great plus in security. Learn more with the OptionFair review:

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Assets from all over the world and every industry

OptionFair offers assets in four categories: Indices, commodities, Forex (currencies), and stocks. Compared with other binary options brokers, OptionFair offers a medium number of assets. OptionFair offers all relevant assets, but some brokers also offer very marginal stocks and indices.

While these marginal assets help some traders employ special strategies, they have little to no value to the rest of us. They might only end up confusing new traders or making the search for your desired asset unnecessarily complicated. From this standpoint, it is an advantage to only have as much assets as you need.

In conclusion, whether OptionFair medium number of offered assets is an advantage or disadvantage depends on the strategy you want to trade. We recommend to check out OptionFair’s asset index. For 99% of all strategies, you will find the right assets.[table id=37/]

Up to 100% Bonus

When you open a new account with OptionFair, you get a free gift: Depending on how much money you deposit into your account, you get a bonus from 20% to 100%. This means, your final account balance will be 20% to 100% higher than the amount you deposited – a free gift from OptionFair.

The height of your bonus depends on the amount of money you deposit. Depositing more money will get you a higher account type and a higher bonus. To get the full 100% bonus, you have to deposit $50,000, but a deposit of $2,000 already gets you a 60% bonus, which is a lot.

If you deposit $2,000 into your account, OptionFair will increase this deposit by 60% to an total account balance of $3,200 ($2,000 x 1.6 = $3,200). You have to invest the free money before you can withdraw it, but it is a free gift nonetheless, and it can certainly accelerate your way to binary options success or give the necessary cushion to make some rookie mistakes.

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