OptionWeb Account Types

OptionWeb Account Types - logoAre you looking for a binary options broker with versatile, powerful account types? Then the OptionWeb account types are perfect for you!

Discover the OptionWeb Account Types

There are six different OptionWeb account types. Which account type you get depends on how much you have deposited in your account overall. This is a major difference to most other binary options brokers. While those brokers only factor your initial deposit into defining your account type, thereby forever condemning you to the account type you start your career with, OptionWeb adds every deposit you make over your career to the calculation, which allows you to gradually improve the account type you have.

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Besides this very important special feature, OptionWeb follows the usual account concept of binary options. Every consecutive account type offers more perks and features than its predecessor, and the more money you deposit with OptionWeb, the better of an account type you get.

1) Entry level account: The entry level account type, the starter account, start with the minimum deposit amount of $200. The starter account allows you to trade 80 different assets, provides you with your own dedicated OptionWeb manager, and allows you for one $50 guaranteed trade – a trade you can’t lose.

2) Standard account: The next higher account level, the standard account, already allows you to trade 120 assets, gets you 2 coaching sessions per month, and level 1 personalized training. Additionally, you get a free demo trading account, weekly analyses and reviews, and a $100 guaranteed trade. Compared to the starter account, this is a significant improvement, and well worth the increased minimum deposit of $1,000.[table id=37/]

3) Silver account: The silver account, which starts with a minimum deposit of $3,000, increases the number of available assets to 180 and the guaranteed trade to $300. Additionally, you get a 3.5 percent interest rate on your monthly trading volume, which is more than you can get in any bank, economic indicators by email, and real time trading signals, plus all the features of the standard account.

4) Gold account: With the gold account, things are getting serious. You get a 5 percent higher payout, a 5.2 percent monthly interest rate, and more and higher level coaching sessions. Especially the monthly analyses review is worth the higher investment of $10,000.

5) Platinum account: The platinum account is the highest regular account level, starting at a deposit of $50,000 and providing an additional increase in payouts by 2 percent. You also get a free economic press subscription, a 5.5 percent interest rate, and personal analysis and trader coaching on request.

6) Diamond account: The diamonds is so special that it is secret. Once you have made a lot of money trading binary options, you can send OptionWeb an email and ask them for the conditions on their platinum account. Before then, nobody is allowed to know the details.


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