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What does the OptionWeb Affiliate Program offer?

The affiliate program with OptionWeb is one of the best on the web. Combining high rewards with a versatilepayment system that you can adjust to your needs, everybody can find a way to make money by joining the OptionWeb affiliate program. But let us look at the most important points one by one.

Three different rewards options

OptionWeb allows you to decide how you want to profit from their affiliate program. You can either geta CPA commission, a revenue share commission, or a mix of both.

With the CPA commission you get a fixed reward for every new customer you refer to OptionWeb. This reward can be as $350 per referred customer. The exact height depends on how many customers you refer to OptionWeb – the more customers you refer, the more money you get per customer. However, even if you refer only a single customer, you still get $125 – where else can you make so much money so easily?

With revenue share program, you get up to 35 percent of the revenue your customers create for OptionWeb. Again, the exact percentage of your revenue share depends on how much customers you refer to OptionWeb and how much revenue they generate.

The CPA program is a great way to make a lot of money quickly, but it can’t create long term income. The revenue share program, however, is an initially slow start, but it can potentially make you money for years. To combine both advantages, OptionWeb offers you the chance to mix both programs and to get an initial bonus for every customer and a long term revenue share. For most brokers, the mixed program is the best way to go.

Lots of advertising material

To promote OptionWeb, you need the right tools. While other affiliate programs often leave you on your own when it comes to advertising materials, OptionWeb provides you with great tools for every aspect of the marketing process:

  • Daily market analysis: OptionWeb offers a daily market analysis written by their professional brokers that you can publish on your website to provide value to your customers.
  • Landing pages: OptionWeb offers landing pages that will help covert visitors of your site into customers.
  • Banners: All the banners and logos you need to promote OptionWeb.
  • Mailers: Create your own mailing list to keep your readers engaged and interest and to provide helpful content.

With these tools, you can recommend OptionWeb to interested binary options brokers more easily and more convincingly.


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