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OptionWeb FAQ - logoAre you looking for the right binary options broker? Our no-nonsense OptionWeb FAQ tells you whether OptionWeb is right for you.

The essential OptionWeb FAQ

Many FAQs bore you with the unimportant questions of binary options trading. We have the essentials for you, the questions that truly determine your success with OptionWeb.

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Which strategy is ideal for OptionWeb?

The key to finding the right strategy for OptionWeb is understanding OptionWeb’s monthly interest rate. This interest rate of up to 5.5 percent is paid on every cent you invest in binary options over the course of a month, it is not paid on your account balance. This means, a strategy that generates many trades will be especially profitable with OptionWeb.

For example, when you invest 5 percent of your total account balance, you need 20 trades to invest your entire account balance. With a strategy that generates 10 trades per day and 20 trading days per month, you will generate an overall investment amount that is 10 times as high as your account balance.

When you receive a 5.5 percent interest rate on an amount that is 10 times as high as your account balance, you interest rate in relation to your account balance will be 55% percent – even if you do not earn a Cent with your actual trading, you have made a 55 percent profit.

This is why trading strategies with a lot of trades per month is the best way to go with OptionWeb. Your strategy does not even have to profitable by itself. It is enough if your strategy can help you break even and qualify for a high interest rate.

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Is OptionWeb better than other brokers?

The answer to the question whether OptionWeb is better than other brokers depends on what you are looking for in a binary options broker. If you are looking for a broker to trade high / low options with, preferably with a strategy that generates many signals, you can hardly find a better broker than OptionWeb.

With its large selection of assets for high / low options and the monthly interest rate, which infect works as an extra payout of up to 10 percent per trade on high / low options, there are few other brokers that can match what OptionWeb has to offer.

OptionWeb is, however, a highly specialized broker. This means, aside from high / low options, OptionWeb has little to offer. If you want to trade iFollow options or ladder options, you have to register with a different broker. For traders of high / low options, however, OptionWeb is the safest haven they can find.


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