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OptionWeb Open Account - logoDo you want a binary option account that provides more than the usual features? Then you should give OptionWeb a try. Learn more about OptionWeb open account and what choices you need to make.

How to – OptionWeb Open Account

It is really easy to get started with OptionWeb. All you have to do is:

  1. Click here
  2. Click on the “Sign up now” button and follow the instruction
  3. Deposit money
  4. Start trading

Along the way you have to chose which account type you would like to open. This is an important choice, and for that reason we have specified the most important features of each account type below.

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The account types you can chose

OptionWeb offers six different account types. Which account type you get depends on how much money you deposit into your account overall. This is an important point to consider: While most brokers only count your initial deposit, thereby stopping your from ever improving your account,  OptionWeb counts all your deposits combined. You can therefore always improve your account by depositing additional money.

The account types offered by OptionWeb are:

1) Starter account: Enabling you to trade 80 assets and generating returns of up to 83%, the starter account requires a minimum deposit of €200. Even with  OptionWeb’s lowest account type, you receive a OptionWeb manager that will help you with all your trading issues, one risk free trade over €50, and 4 analysis assistance hours per week.

2) Standard account: Starting from $1,000, OptionWeb’s standard account improves the perks of the starter account, offering 120 assets, a €100 free trade, level 1 personalized training, and a 2 week demo account. Additionally, you get 6 analysis hours per week, 2 trading coaching sessions per month.

3) Silver account: Starting with the silver account, OptionWeb pays you a monthly interest rate on your overall invested amount. In case of the silver account, this is already a whopping 3.5%. Additionally, you receive access to all 180 of OptionWeb’s assets, a €500 free trade, Level 2 personalized personal training, a 1 month demo account, 8 hours of analysis assitance per week and 5 trading coaching sessions per month. You need to deposit at least €3,000 to get the silver account.

4) Gold Account: Starting from a total deposit of €10,000, you get OptionWeb’s gold account, which increases the monthly interest rate to 5.20%, the number of analysis assistance hours per week to 10, and the trading coaching sessions per month to ten. Additionally, you get higher profits, can add assets to trade on request, get a maximum payout of 88% and can take one €500 risk-free trade.

5) Platinum account: For a minimum total deposit of €50,000, you get OptionWeb’s second highest account type, the platinum account. The platinum account increases the maximum payout per trade to 80%, the interest rate to 5.50%, and the personalized training to expert level. You also get unlimited analysis assistance hours per week and as many trading coaching sessions as you wish.

6) Diamond account: The Diamond account is a special secret at OptionWeb. You cannot get the details of the account, before you have made a lot of trades on the Platinum account. So we would love to tell you all the details… but it is on a need to know basis.[table id=37/]

More advantages of the OptionWeb accounts

With all account types, you can also access OptionWeb’s standard educational tools, which are:

Additionally, OptionWeb’s accounts provide a few perks you can’t get anywhere else:

  • A monthly interest rate of up to 5.5% for your overall investment,
  • Personalized training,
  • Personal analysis assistance,
  • Personal trader coaching.


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