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OptionWeb Review - logoAre you looking for a binary options brokers that supports you in the long run? Then OptionWeb might be perfect for you. Learn more from the OptionWeb review today!

The condensed OptionWeb Review

OptionWeb is one of the most unique brokers in the market. While most other brokers might vary slightly in the percentage they offer on certain bonuses but essentially offer the same types of bonuses, OptionWeb has gone into a completely new direction and has reinvented the entire game.

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Instead of offering short-term bonuses that might give you an initial boost but can’t help you in the long run, as most brokers do, OptionWeb has chosen to offer bonuses that will benefit you every single day and month for the rest of your trading career. Some of these brokers are so astonishingly great, they are hard to pass up.

Probably the most game-changing bonus that OptionWeb offers is a monthly interest rate. Depending on which account type you have, you can get up to a 5.00 percent monthly interest rate on your account balance. This is significantly more than most banks offer and a free extra 5 percent gain each month. Over the time of one year, an extra 5 percent each month accumulate to a total of 80 percent extra – for free.[table id=37/]

Even OptionWeb’s medium level account, the silver account, will already provide you with a 3.00 percent monthly interest rate. The silver account starts at a total deposit of $3,000. Since this minimum requirement factors in every deposit you have made into your account over your career, getting the silver account is easily possible for every binary options trader.

In addition to the monthly interest rate OptionWeb offers increased payouts on their higher account types. With payouts of up to 90 percent, you can maximize your profits with every type of strategy. Since high payouts reward you with every single trade, OptionWeb’s high payout system can create huge profits by the force of compound interest.

Aside from these money related bonus, OptionWeb offers a number of additional features on their accounts that help you become a better binary options trader. You can get monthly coaching sessions, personalized training, economic indicators, trading signals, and a demo account.

By combining all these features, OptionWeb positions itself as the perfect broker for traders that want to use binary options as a way to create long-term income or their primary career. For those traders, long-term rewards such as a monthly interest rate are more important than a high initial bonus.


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