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OptionWeb Tip - logoDo you want to make more money with OptionWeb? Then you have to learn this OptionWeb tip to increase your profits.

The simple OptionWeb Tip

Successfully trading binary options is a systematic process that requires attention to detail over a long period of time. There are, however, some things you can do to make an immediate impact and instantly improve your trading. With OptionWeb, one of these things is to study the broker’s account system.

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As most binary options brokers, OptionWeb uses a system with different accounts to reward traders who deposit more money. Often, the step between two account types is not that big, but has fundamental consequences. In this case, you can increase your returns by an incredible factor only by depositing a little more money into your account.

The first of these significant steps is the step from OptionWeb’s standard account to the silver account, which starts at $3,000. Many new traders start their career with a first deposit of around $2,000 to $2,500, which is just slightly below the minimum deposit requirement of the silver account.

These traders might want to think about saving the extra money they need to get the next higher account type. The reason for this recommendation is the 3.5 percent interest rate that comes with OptionWeb’s silver account.

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This 3.5 percent interest rate is applied to all of your trades, even your losing trades. At the end of each month, you get the bonus on your entire invested amount. Since most binary options traders place many trades per day, your investment amount can be significantly higher than your account balance.

Essentially, the 3.5 percent interest rate is an additional payout that you receive even on your losing trades. The power of compound interest turns 3.5 percent per trade into significant results over the course of a trading career:

  • Over 100 trades (roughly the number of trades an average trader places in one month), an extra payout of 3.5 percent results in an additional return of 31,191 percent.
  • Over 1,200 trades (roughly the number of trades an average trader places in one year), an extra payout of 3.5 percent results in an additional return of 84,804,666,680,567,903,871 percent.

Considering these insanely large numbers, it becomes clear why an extra 3.5 interest on every trade easily has the power to propel your trading to the next level. If it is in any way possible for you, you should always deposit at least the $3,000 necessary into your account to get the silver account and the 3.5 percent deposit bonus.

This simple OptionWeb tip could make the difference between a successful trading career and going broke.


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