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OptionWeb Trick - logoDo you want to make more money with binary options? Then following this simple OptionWeb trick can increase your payouts by almost 10 percent!

Make more Money with this OptionWeb Trick

If you are like most brokers, you have different variations of your favorite strategy you can trade. Maybe you can imagine trading expiration times of one hour just as well as two hours, or you can imagine applying your strategy to 60 seconds options or high / low options. When you can choose between two similar strategies with OptionWeb, you should always choose the strategy that creates a higher trading volume. Try out the OptionWeb trick:

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The reason for this OptionWeb trick is the monthly interest rate on your overall investment amount. Depending on your account type, you can get up to a 5.5 percent rate, which in fact works as an additional payout for you.

To calculate how much OptionWeb’s monthly interest rates increases your payout, you have to estimate how much of your trades you will win. Since the interest rate applies to both winning and losing trades, you have to apply part of the interest on losing trades to your payout, too.[table id=37/]

For example, let’s assume that you win two thirds of your trades with an average payout of 80 percent. Since you get an interest rate of 5.5 percent on your winning trades, your payout will increase to 85.5 percent. You will, however, also get a 5.5 interest rate on your losing trades. Since you win two thirds of your trades, you win two trades for every trade you lose. That means, you have to apply half of the interest trades on losing trades to your payout on winning trades.

Your total payout with OptionWeb would be: 80 + 5.5% + 5.5%/2 = 87.75%. With all other factors being equal, this is an extra of 7.75 percent.

These extra 7.75 percent have a huge impact. Since they are applied to your overall trading volume, they might turn a slightly less profitable strategy with higher volume in a more profitable strategy than a usually more effective strategy with lower volume. Generally speaking, when you can choose between two similar strategies, you should prefer the strategy with higher volume.

This makes OptionWeb the perfect broker for active traders that place a lot of trades. Also, OptionWeb’s monthly interest rate adds a more significant bonus to high / low options than to one touch options. An extra 7.75 percent can make a difference of roughly 10 percent when applied to the payouts high / low options generate. Applied to the much higher payouts of touch options, however, their impact is insignificant.


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