Porter Finance Binary Options

Porter Finance Binary Options - logoPorter Finance offers a nice selection of binary options with interesting variations of well-known option types. In this article we go through everything you need to know about the Porter Finance binary options.

Which Porter Finance Binary Options are available?

You are offered Porter Finance binary options that allow you to trade all kinds of strategies and take advantage of every kind of market situation. Regardless of whether you want to make a very secure investment or generate a high payout – Porter Finance always has the right type of binary option for you.

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In detail, Porter Finance offers these types of binary options:

High / low options

The classic form of investing in binary options, high / low options require you to predict whether an asset’s price will rise or fall over a given period of time. You can choose this period of time from 5 minutes to the end of the day.

High / low option allow for relatively safe predictions. With a good strategy, you should be able to win more than two thirds of your trades. Offering payouts of around 80 to 85 percent, a winning percentage of 70 is easily enough to make money with high / low options.

With these characteristics, high / low option target conservative traders that want to win a high percentage of their trades. High / low options are the slow and steady way to success, ideal for low risk personalities that prefer the slow and steady way to success.

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One touch options

One touch option are a binary options type that targets more risk seeing traders than high / low options. You have to predict whether an asset’s price can reach a usually target price. The asset does not have to remain at this price, it is enough if the asset touches the price once.

Depending on whether you invest in a faraway target price or a relatively close target price, you will get a lower or higher payout. The further the target price is from the current market price the higher will your payout be. This mechanism allows for versatile strategies to be used with one touch options.

Range option

With range options, Porter Finance presents an interesting variation of boundary options. You have to predict whether the asset will stay inside a certain price range. In contrast to regular boundary options, this price range is not a channel around the current market price, but a half-channel to the top of the current market price and a half channel to the bottom. You can invest in either channel.

To compensate for the increased risk of having to predict whether the market will stay on top or below the current market price, the channels are larger than in regular boundary options.

Hyper options

Porter Finance calls 60 seconds options hyper options. Keeping the basic principle intact, hyper options allow you to invest in high / low options with an extremely short expiry time.

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