Porter Finance FAQ

Porter Finance FAQ - logoThere are a million questions you might have, when it comes to any given broker, and unfortunately we cannot answer them all. We answer the most important questions about Porter Finance and binary options in this Porter Finance FAQ.  Find out what you really need to know now!

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The real Porter Finance FAQ

While most FAQs only scratch the surface of what is really important, we want to answer the questions that are the most significant in relation to Porter Finance. For that reason we have made a mini Porter Finance FAQ with the top two questions and the answers you need to know.

1: Is Porter Finance right for me?

The first thing any binary options broker wants to know is whether a broker is a good fit for them or not. The answer to this questions depends on your character and your trading strategy. Generally, Porter Finance is ideal for conservative traders that prefer safe investments and steady progress over risky investments and a roller coaster ride.

The reason for this characteristic is Porter Finance’s payout system. When it comes to payouts, Porter Finance follows a different approach than other binary options broker. Instead of offering vastly different payouts on every binary options type, Porter Finance offers similar payouts on every binary options type and has adjusted each option type’s characteristic accordingly.

In most cases, this principle has reduced the payout you can get on an option type but increased the percentage of trades you will win, thereby making Porter Finance ideal for more secure strategies.

When it comes to one touch options, for example, most binary options brokers use a faraway target price and offer a payout of 200 to 300 percent, thereby making one touch options a very risky investment. Porter Finance, on the other hand, uses a closer target price and the same 70 to 90 percent payout range as with high / low options, which makes Porter Finance ideal for more secure strategies.

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2: Can I make money with Porter Finance?

After making sure that a broker is a good fit for them, the second most important question on the mind of binary options traders is whether they can make money with this brokers. With Porter Finance, this question has to be answered with a resounding yes.

Porter Finance offers payouts of 70 to 90 percent on all of their binary option types. With an average payout of 80 to 85 percent (depending on your strategy), you need to win around 55 percent of your trades to make money with Porter Finance.

Even if you would invest randomly, you would win 50 percent of your trades with binary options. Increasing this percentage by 5 percent should not be difficult. With the knowledge you can find on sites like this or with a signal provider or robot, you can easily win 60 percent of your trades and make money with Porter Finance.

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