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Porter Finance Tricks - logoDo you want to make more money with Porter Finance? In this article we give you two tricks that can give you an extra edge if you chose to trade with Porter Finance. Learn more about the Porter Finance tricks now!

The two Porter Finance tricks for success

Porter Finance is a very unique binary options broker that offer binary options in a way that no other broker does. On one hand, this uniqueness allows you to employ strategies that you could not employ with any other broker. On the other hand, this uniqueness also requires you to know a few tricks to deal with it the right way.

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Here are the two Porter Finance tricks that you need to know:

1: Trade the safest strategy possible

The main difference between Porter Finance and other brokers lies in their payouts. While other brokers offer binary option types that vary strongly in the risk that is included in trading them, which also results in very different payouts, Porter Finance has changed the characteristics of their binary options to be more homogenous, which also results in similar payouts on every binary option type.

With most brokers, one touch options use a faraway target price, which means that you will rarely win your options, but also get a high payout of 200 to 300 percent. Porter Finance, on the other hand, uses a closer target price. You will win more of your options, but you get a payout of 75 to 85 percent, similar to high / low options.

These different characteristics demand different strategies. With Porter Finance, you need a strategy that will win you a big part of your trades, but this strategy can work with much smaller movements, thereby allowing for more trades.

Understanding this difference is crucial. When you use a strategy that has worked well with another broker with Porter Finance, you might lose money. Generally speaking, the more secure signals a strategy generates, the better does it fit Porter Finance.

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2: Only trade range options when you can predict the market direction

On first sight, Porter Finance’s range options seem to be similar to boundary options. Boundary options, however, do not require you to predict the direction the market will move in. You simply have to predict whether the market will stay in a certain price channel that includes an equal distance to both sides of the current market price.

With Porter Finance, things are different. For range, you have to predict whether the market will stay inside a certain price channel to the top or the bottom of the current market price. This is an important difference. If you don’t know it, you might be surprised to find that you lose a big part of your trades but do not understand why.

We hope you can use at least oone of these Porter Finance Tricks to benefit your trading.

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