Porter Finance Validation

Porter Finance Validation - logoTo protect your money, Porter Finance employs a validation process for every new withdrawal method. This is done for your own security. Learn about the Porter Finance validation here!

How the Porter Finance validation works

The worst case scenario for any binary options trader is that someone steals their money from their account. Even though Porter Finance employs the SSL standard, the safest encryption the web has to offer and an encryption method that effectively eliminates the chance that someone intercepts your communication with Porter Finance, there is still the possibility that you lose the paper on which you have written your login data or that someone finds out your password in some other way.

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To stop such a mishap from ruining you, Porter Finance employs a validation process that effectively makes sure that only you can withdraw money from your account. Anybody else, even if they possess your login name and your password, can’t withdraw money from your account because they lack the necessary documents.

For every new withdrawal method you want to use, you have to provide these documents:

  • A clear picture of a government issued ID. This can be your driver’s license, your passport, or any other ID, as long as it is issued by your government, has a picture of you on it, and is still valid.
  • A picture of a proof of residence. This can be anything that proves that you actually live where you are registered with Porter Finance and are not some other person with the same name. Most people use a utility bill for water or gas, or a document that is validated by a notary.
  • If you want to withdraw money by credit card, a picture of the credit card, back and front, with the middle eight numbers of the credit card number blacked out. This helps to prevent money laundering and makes sure that money is paid to a credit card you actually own.

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Nobody but you can provide Porter Finance with all of these three documents, which means that only you can withdraw money from your account – an absolutely secure and uncheatable validation process.

If you have used a validation method before, you do not have to validate it again every time you used. Since you have already proven that the money will end up on your bank account, there is no need to force you to go through any extra work again. In this sense, Porter Finance’s validation is a quick, one-time process that provides a great deal of security for your money.

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