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Prestige Option BrokerPrestige Option is a relatively new broker that brings a number of unique features to the binary options scene. For some traders, Prestige Option is the ideal broker they had been waiting for. Learn all about the Prestige Option broker here.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Which unique features does Prestige Option offer?
  • How can I make the best of Prestige Option’s unique offers?
  • How can I get started with Prestige Options?

With this knowledge, you will be able to improve your trading and your returns immediately.

Prestige Option broker review

Prestige Option offers these unique features:

Secure and completely protected transactions

To make sure that you can get money in and out of your account, Prestige Option has partnered only with the best payment providers. Accepting all major credit cards, wire transfer, and Skrill / Moneybookers deposits and withdrawals, Prestige Option offers a secure and protected method to deposit and withdraw money for everyone.

Wide choice of tradable assets and helpful tools

With a large selection of assets from all over the world and all the binary options types a trader could hope for, Prestige Option offers the right tools for every type of strategy and trader personality. Regardless of which assets you want to trade with which binary options type, Prestige Option puts you in the perfect position to execute your strategy.

Available insight into predetermined potential loss

When you invest with Prestige Option, you always know what you are getting into. In contrast to stocks, where you never how much of a profit or a loss you could face, Prestige Option defines your risk and you reward before you invest.

You will always know which payout you will get if you win, and you will always know what it will cost you if you lose. This knowledge makes it easy for you to compare the risks and rewards of your trading and find profitable trading opportunities.

Experienced advisors available to you 24/7 via email, online chat, or phone

If you are just starting out, you have a lot to learn. To help you with this process, Prestige Option offers expert advice via email, chat, or phone. These tips can help you to avoid crucial mistakes and to make more money, which makes Prestige Option the ideal broker for traders that want to learn and grow.

Profiting from markets that rise or fall

With Prestige Option, you invest in rising and in falling prices. Where conventional assets such as stock only offer one possibility to make money – if prices go up – Prestige Option finally enables you to easily profits from falling markets, too.

So far, only experts could make money if the markets fell. With Prestige Option, everyone can. Consequently, Prestige Option is the ideal broker for traders that want to make money in any trading environment.

Available withdrawal at any time without any penalties

Some brokers inflict penalties on withdrawals. While it is understandable that brokers would prefer if you kept all your money with them, this is just bad business. Some brokers also reserve free withdrawals to higher account types, trying to coerce their customers into investing more money.

Luckily, Prestige Option does not make the same mistake. With Prestige Option, all withdrawals are free, with any account type. This is what binary options trading should be like.

Always available assets for trading

Because of their long list of assets, Prestige Option always offers a tradable asset. That is a huge advantage because some brokers with a more limited selection of assets will deny you the opportunity to trade for a few hours every day.

When the European and American markets are closed, for example, many brokers have no assets available for trading. If you want to trade during that time, you face a problem.

With Prestige Option, this will never happen. There is always an asset available for trading, and you can always make money, regardless of when you want to trade. Consequently, Prestige Option is the ideal broker for traders that prefer unusual trading times.

Smartphone and tablet responsive interface

Prestige Option is one of the most mobile-friendly binary options brokers. In addition to providing apps for Android and Apple devices, Prestige Option also offers a fully responsive online trading platform. This means that you can open the Prestige Option website from any device, and it will automatically adjust to your screen size, providing you with the best usability possible.

If you are not a fan of apps or if you are using a device that is not your own, Prestige Option’s responsive online platform is a great tool to help you trade from wherever you are, which makes Prestige Option the ideal broker for traders who like to make money on the go.

No software upgrades or download necessary

Equipped with such a great online trading platform, you do not even need to make a download to start trading with Prestige Option. Simply open the online trading platform and your browser will open all the necessary tools right from the web, no download required.

If you prefer a download, of course, you can always get the Prestige Option app for Android and Apple devices.

based rewards for loyal users

To make money with Prestige Option, you do not even have to trade successfully. Prestige Option pays you a bonus for coming back to your account regularly. That means, even if you are a below average trader that only manages to break even, Prestige Option’s bonus will allow you to make some money anyway. If you can make money by trading, the bonus will be a nice added gift.


Prestige Option is a highly innovative broker that offers a few unique features that can increase your trading success significantly. If you want to get started with Prestige Option, follow our links and open your account now!


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