Prestige Option Demo

Prestige Option DemoAre you looking for a Prestige Option demo account? If so, stop! There is a much better option available! Prestige Option is one of the first brokers to move past demo accounts and provide traders with a better way to test their service.

In this article you will learn:

  • Why Prestige Option does not offer a demo account,
  • How Prestige Option enables customers to test their service, and
  • Why the Prestige Option demo puts you in the perfect position to make money.

With this knowledge, you will not only be able to demo Prestige Option without having to sign up for a demo account, but you will also learn how to start a successful trading career risk-free.

Can I get a Prestige Option Demo account?

Prestige Option does not offer a demo account – because you do not need one. Demo accounts are a relic of the dark, old days when you needed to download large trading programs and install them on your computer and spend all your days hunched in front of your PC to trade.

Luckily, these days are over. Binary options trading has become platform independent and mobile friendly, enabling you to trade from all sorts of devices and from wherever you are. In these times, demo accounts are no longer necessary. Traders want an easy, quick solution that works on all devices without having to download anything and without signup.

Prestige Option has found a way to provide this option while maintaining all the other advantages a demo account used to provide.

How to test the Prestige Option demo

To make testing their service as easy as possible, Prestige Option has put a demo of their trading platform right on the homepage of their website.

This demo enables you to test all the functions you want. You can check which payouts you get with which binary options type in which situation, you can see which assets are available at every time of the day, and you can evaluate if Prestige Option is the right broker for you and your strategy. You can also take a look at Prestige Option’s ingenious new trading tool StrategiX and get a feeling for the possibilities it will open up to you.

With this test, you will know everything about Prestige Option that you need to know to decide whether to sign up with them. If you are quick, you can complete the entire test within five minutes, if you want to test Prestige Option over a longer period of time, a few minutes per day will do.

If you are undecided to whether Prestige Option would work well with you, we recommend doing a paper trading test. Monitor the assets you would normally trade according to your strategy, and not the payouts you would get when you invest. Then wait until your option has expired, see if you would have won or lost the option, and write down the result. After 10 to 20 trades of this type, you will have a good feeling for the money you would be able to make with Prestige Option.

This type of testing takes a little more time, but if you want to get the best possible test, this is the way to go.

Why the Prestige Option demo puts you in the perfect position to earn money

Compared to other demos and demo accounts, the Prestige Option demo puts you in the perfect position to make money with binary options.

  1. The Prestige Option demo provides you with some of the highest average payouts you can get. Some brokers advertise with payouts of 95v percent on high / low options, but these brokers usually only offer their best payouts on rare occasion and mostly force traders to accept average payouts of 70 percent. The average payout, however, will determine your profit at the end of the month, the top payout is irrelevant. Prestige Option is one if the best brokers when it comes to average payouts. With average payouts of 75 to 80 percent, the Prestige Option demo puts you in the perfect position to make money.
  2. The Prestige Option demo offers you the StrategiX tool. With their StrategiX tool, Prestige Option will revolutionize the binary options world. Combining all advanced binary options types in one convenient, easy-to-use tool, the Prestige Option demo allows you to react to market movements quicker than any other demo. Additionally, StrategiX allows you to adjust the target price of your option freely, enabling you to trade more accurately and, consequently, more profitable than with any other demo.
  3. The Prestige Option demo enables you to trade whenever you want. The Prestige Option demo is available 24/7. That means, whenever you want to test their service, you can. Other demos limit you to only a few hours every weekday. Consequently, the Prestige Option makes things a lot easier for you.


The Prestige Option demo is the perfect way to test binary options. Without having to sign up for a demo account, you can test the Prestige Option service and get a glimpse of what trading with one of the best binary options brokers in the market can be like. If you want to test the Prestige Option demo now, follow the links we provided for you, and test the Prestige Option platform on their home page. If you want to sign up with Prestige Option, you can use the same links to get to the Prestige Option signup form.


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