Prestige Option Signals

 Prestige Option SignalsPrestige Option signals can be your autopilot to binary options success. Combining a perfect selection of assets with high payouts and 24/7 availability, Prestige Option might be the perfect broker to combine with signals.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How can I get signals for Prestige Option?
  • Is Prestige Option a good broker to trade signals with?
  • Which signals work well with Prestige Option?
  • Can I make money with signals for Prestige Option?

With this knowledge, you will be able to make money with signals and Prestige Option.

How can I get Prestige Option signals?

To get signals for Prestige Option, you have to subscribe to a signal provider. Signal providers analyze the market for you and alert you to profitable trading opportunities. Some signal providers send you a text message to your phone or an email; some provide live streams of experts analyzing the market and telling you what to invest in.

You have to decide for yourself which option works best for you. Generally, traders who just want to make money should use the easy option with text messages, and traders who want to master binary options trading for themselves should choose the more time-consuming but also, the more educational live streams.

There are plenty of signal providers in the market, and all of them work in a similar way. They tell you what to invest in, you invest, and you keep the profits.

Prices for signal providers are around $100 a month.

Is Prestige Option a good broker to trade signals with?

The short answer to this question is: yes, you can use all signal providers with Prestige Option.

The reason for this great compatibility is Prestige Option’s asset selection. Prestige Option offers exactly the assets signal providers create signals for you, which is why the compatibility of Prestige Option and signal providers is 100 percent.

Most signal providers focus on signals for major currency pairs. These pairs are perfect for binary options because they are traded continuously throughout the week and have the high trading volume that makes short-term investments such as binary options especially profitable.

Prestige Option matches this asset selection and offers all the major currency pairs signal providers use, from the EUR/USD pair and the USD/JPY pair to the AUD/CAD pair and the GBP/JPY pair. Regardless of which currency pairs your signal provider uses, with Prestige Option you can turn all of their signals into a trade – the perfect setup.

Some signal providers also offer signals for assets beyond currency pairs, for example gold and oil or major stocks. With Prestige Option, you can trade all of these assets, too.

In addition to a selection of all relevant commodities, Prestige Option offers stocks from all over the world that include all of the stocks signal providers use, including such wide-spread stocks as Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Finally, Prestige Option offers you tradable assets 24/7. Where other brokers limit your trading time to 16 hours on weekdays, Prestige Option finally enables you to execute all signals, regardless when your provider creates them.

All in all, Prestige Option is the ideal broker for traders who want to use signals.

Which signals work well with Prestige Option?

While Prestige Option works well with all signal providers, there are some providers that make earning money with Prestige Option especially easy. To help you find a good signal provider without much effort, we have listed the best of them for you here. If you want to learn more about a provider, simply follow the links we provided for you.

The best signal providers for Prestige Option are:

  1. Auto Binary Signals, 80 percent accuracy, 2-5 signals per day.
  2. Binary Options Pro Signals, 72.5 percent accuracy, 6-12 signals per day.
  3. Binary Options Trading Signals, 80 percent accuracy, 2-4 signals per day.
  4. Star Signals, 78 percent accuracy, 10 signals per day.

As you can see, all of these signals are highly accurate and completely recommendable. Which signals you should choose depends on which provider you feel the most comfortable with and which service you can handle comfortably. Check out their homepages, see which provider feels right to you, and do not overthink this decision. You really can’t go wrong.

Can I make money with signals for Prestige Option?

The most essential thing new traders often find hard to believe is that you can actually make money with signals and Prestige Option. While it is understandable that the entire thing might seem too good to be true at first, the math is on Prestige Option’s side.

Prestige Option offers average payouts from 75 to 80 percent, depending on your strategy. Even if you come out on the worse side of this range, an average payout of 75 percent would still only require you to win about 57 percent of your trades to break even. With the signal providers that we presented earlier, however, you could win about 70 percent of your trades, which is significantly above this minimum requirement of 57 percent.

In other words: as long as you are using half-way decent signals, you should be able to make money with Prestige Option. There is no magic involved and no trickery, all you need to do is win enough of your trades.


Prestige Option signals can be your autopilot to binary options success. Because Prestige Option offers the perfect asset selection, their service is compatible with all signal providers, which enables you to choose the best of the best signals. With these high-quality signals, making money is almost a certainty.


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