Prestige Option Strategies

Prestige Option StrategiesIf you always wanted to learn how to make money with binary options, your day has come. This article will teach you two uniquely profitable Prestige Option strategies can make you rich.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Two strategies that can make you rich,
  • How to trade these strategies in uniquely effective ways with Prestige Option, and
  • How Prestige Option can help you to make as much money with these strategies as possible.

With this knowledge, you will be able to trade two proven strategies in a way that multiplies your profits.

Which Prestige Option strategies are possible?

Prestige Option offers a number of binary options types that allow for unique trading strategies. In this article, we will focus on the option types and the strategies with the highest potential.

Prestige Option strategies #1: Trading the news with one touch options or boundary options

For many new traders, trading the news is the most intuitive approach to trading the markets. There are, however, a few unique characteristics of financial markets that make trading the news more complicated than it seems at first. Luckily, Prestige Option offers you the perfect tool to turn these unique characteristics into an advantage.

To understand how to employ this strategy, let’s start by looking at what will happen when important news reaches the market.

After the release of the big news, some traders will be positively surprised, and some will be disappointed. Depending on which group is in the majority, the market will move up or down. The tricky thing is that there is no direct connection between the news itself and the size of each group.

If unemployment has dropped by 0.5 percent, this is generally good news. But can you predict whether most traders will be disappointed or positively surprised? Maybe most traders expected a 0.75 percent drop and are disappointed, maybe most traders expected only 0.25 and are excited. Without the ability to look into traders’ heads, this question is impossible to answer.

Additionally, even guessing the direction right says nothing about the size of the movement. Will the market move by 1 percent or by 2 percent? You don’t know.

With conventional assets, this is a problem. Should you invest in rising or falling prices? If the market moves in your direction at first, how long should you stay invested? Should you take your profits early and be safe, or should you take the risk and hope for the market to move further?

Because of the market’s unpredictability in this situation, these questions are impossible to answer. Consequently, traders are forced to guess. They often guess wrong, and either take their profit too early or stay invested too long and lose their profits again. The odds of getting a trade 100 percent right are almost zero.

With Prestige Option, things are different. One touch options and boundary options offer you the perfect tool to trade these situations. Open the Prestige Option StrategiX tool, and you will find one touch options and boundary options as two of the many features this tool offers you.

With one touch options, you can predict that the market will touch a certain target price at least once. The market does not have to remain at this price level; it is enough if it reaches it for only a split second. Boundary options use two target prices, one to each side of the market. Boundary options are perfect trading strong movements if you are unsure about which direction the market will move in.

The next time important news are about to be released, you can choose how to trade them. If the news pushes the market into an obvious direction, you can trade a one touch option in this direction. Because they use only one target price, one touch options offer higher payouts and are the best way to maximize your profits if you know which direction the market will move in.

If you expect that the market could react either way, invest in a boundary option. After the important news, some trader’s expectations will always be disappointed, and some traders will always be positively surprised, which is why there will be always a strong reaction of some sort. With boundary options, you should be able to turn this reaction into a profit most of the time.

Make good use of Prestige Option’s feature that allows you to adjust the distance of your target price, and you will be able to trade each news release with a tailor-made option that suits the situation perfectly.

Prestige Option strategies #2: Trading trends with ladder options

If you prefer a strategy that uses technical analysis over a news-based approach, Prestige Option has you covered, too. In addition to high / low options and 60 seconds options, which are perfect for most of these strategies, Prestige Option also offers a tool called ladder options; and ladder options allow for a strategy that you must know.

The essential part of technical analysis you have to understand for this strategy is trend analysis. Trends are the movements that take the market to new highs and lows.

When the market moves up or down, it never moves in a straight line. Market movements resemble more of a zig-zag line that moves in their main direction for a while, then reverses for a short time, and eventually reverses back to their main direction.

  • A movement that creates continually higher highs and lows is considered an uptrend.
  • A movement that creates continually lower lows and highs is considered a downtrend.
  • A movement that fails to create highs and lows in a prime direction is considered a sideways movement.

The key to trading trends is to identify each type of movement correctly and then invest accordingly.

  • Invest in rising prices during uptrends.
  • Invest in falling prices during downtrends.
  • Do not invest during sideways movements,

With Prestige Option’s ladder options, you can trade trends more accurately and more profitable than with any other type of asset.

Prestige Option allows you to define the expiry and the target price of your ladder option freely. That means you can identify a trend, project its trajectory, and then adjust your option accordingly, thereby maximizing your payout and trading the perfect option for the situation you are in.


Prestige Option offers the unique possibility of slightly twisting proven strategies in a way that can multiply your profits. If you want to make the most of your trading, we recommend you give Prestige Option and follow one of the links we provided for you to their sign up form.




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