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RBinary Review

RBinary allows newcomers to enter the binary options world risk-free. In our RBinary review, we have tested what RBinary has to offer. We have found a few great features, some of which guarantee that you will never lose money with binary options.

In this article, Rbinary Review, you will learn:

  • What can RBinary do for newcomers?
  • How can newcomers start a successful trading career with RBinary?
  • How can newcomers register with RBinary?

With this information, you will be able to start a risk-free binary options trading career with RBinary.

RBinary review: What can RBinary do for newcomers?

Newcomers have to be twice as careful when they choose a broker as experienced brokers. Without the experience of immediately knowing which broker offers a trustworthy service and with the need of having to find a broker that helps them learn the basics of binary options trading, newcomers have special needs. Let’s see how RBinary helps newcomers to deal with their unique challenges in our RBinary review.

A deposit-free demo allows newcomers to test RBinary and binary options in general risk-free

With their deposit-free demo, RBinary can help newcomers with their most crucial concern – testing binary options without having to risk real money.

The RBinary demo is a special account type. If you get a demo account, you get all the features of a regular account, but you can trade with play money instead of real money. This setup is ideal for newcomers because they can test every aspect of binary options trading, their own skills as a trader, and RBinary’s service without having to risk a single Cent.

The unique thing about RBinary’s demo is that it does not require a deposit. Weirdly enough, most other brokers ask you to make a deposit before they allow you to use their demos. These brokers offer their demos as features of their regular trading account, and to get a regular trading account; you have to deposit at least $250, with some brokers even $500 or $1,000.

With those brokers, you face the dilemma of having to invest money into binary options in order to find out whether binary options are worth investing money in. For experienced traders that want to use their demo accounts for different purposes than newcomers, this setup might make sense. For newcomers, however, this is hardly a sensible offer.

Newcomers find of the very rare deposit-free demos with RBinary. The RBinary demo works as its own stand-alone account, which means that you can sign up directly for the demo and do not have to get a regular trading account in order to access the demo. All you have to do is follow one of our links to the RBinary website, choose the demo account, and sign up with your email and a password. The entire process could not be easier.

The RBinary demo is the ideal tool for newcomers. It is risk-free and deposit-free, but rich in learning opportunities – what more could newcomers want?

Social trading allows newcomers to make money from the start

By offering the possibility of trading binary options based on the recommendations of other traders, RBinary has solved a dilemma that is as old as investing itself.

Conventionally, the road to success with binary options was long and hard. Newcomers had to learn how to analyze the market, how to make valid predictions, and how to get their timing right. Each of these steps can take decades to master, and, because you will inevitably make some rookie mistakes, if you rush your development, you might lose a lot of money.

Since these requirements apply to all forms of investing, many traders were left out in the cold. They simply lacked the time to master financial analysis, especially since they were unsure whether they had a talent for trading and whether their efforts would pay off in the end.

In desperation, these traders invested in mutual funds and other questionable forms of investing. In recent years, however, more and more traders have become aware of mutual funds’ high fees and recurring costs, and of how these costs eat up their profits only to profit the bank.

With RBinary’s social trading, newcomers can find a way of trading that offers the simple access to mutual funds but does not apply the same horrendous fees.

RBinary’s social trading feature is called iFollow options. iFollow options offer you a list of binary options traders and allow you to choose which of these traders you want to follow. If you follow a trader, all of these trader’s trades will automatically be copied into your account. You can select the investment amount per trade, which allows you to adapt the trade to your financial capabilities, but the difficult part of trading will be done by the trader you follow.

To help you find the best traders to follow, RBinary lists every trader with their country, their winning percentage, their return on investment (ROI), and their name. From this list, you should focus on the ROI. The ROI indicates how much profit a trader can make for you.

  • For each Dollar that you invest with a trader with an ROI of 1.50, you will get $1.50 in return. If you invest $100, you will get $150; if you invest $2,000, you will get $3,000, and so on.
  • For each Dollar that you invest with a trader with an ROI of 1.20, you will get $1.20 in return. If you invest $100, you will get $120; if you invest $2,000, you will get $2,400, and so on.

Simply put, a higher ROI is better. Since the ROI only indicates the profit a trader has made in the past, we recommend you monitor their success over a few weeks or test them with a demo account before you invest real money with them.

By focusing on the ROI, you should be able to find a trader or multiple traders that you can follow and that can make you money.

In this sense, RBinary’s iFollow options work exactly like a mutual fund. You decide how much money to invest, and an expert trades for you. The big difference is that binary options are completely fee-free. If you follow a trader that knows how to make money with the payouts your broker offers, you will get exactly the profit this trader makes for you. No bank will steal a part of your returns. Over time, this advantage alone will make a huge difference in your account balance.

If a mutual fund and the trader you follow would make exactly the same profit but the mutual fund charges a 3 percent annual fee, the binary options trader would outperform the mutual fund by 34 percent over ten years. Over 20 years, the difference would be more than 80 percent. There is no good reason to pass on this money.

Additionally, if you want to switch from one trader to the other, all you have to do is make two clicks. With mutual funds, this process would involve insane fees that could eat up 10 percent of your overall investment.

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RBinary review: How can newcomers start a successful trading career with RBinary?

As we have pointed out, RBinary offers a number of great tools that can help newcomers to enjoy a successful trading career. In order to make the most of your entry into a completely new trading style, you need to combine these tools in a sensible way. Here are a few ways in which you can accomplish this goal.

The simple option: Start out with iFollow options and stick with them

This strategy is ideal for everyone who wants to keep things simple and who has no desire to invest a lot of time into mastering market analysis. These traders can start out by finding traders with continuously high ROIs and by following these traders. As long as they check back every week and, if necessary, adjust who they invest with, these traders are fine. Investing in this way would be like investing in a mutual fund.

If this sounds like the right way of investing for you, we recommend you still start out with the RBinary demo account. It will help you get the right feeling for your investing and learn the handling. After you feel confident that you know how to make money, you can switch to real money trading.

With this approach, you ignore all the other features of RBinary and keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.

The learners approach: Use the demo account to become a pro

If you want to learn how to master binary options for yourself, you should focus on RBinary’s demo account. iFollow options might offer you a simple way of making money, but they will not help you become a professional trader yourself.

Use the demo account to find out whether you have what it takes to become a professional binary options trader and which type of strategy works best for you. Once you know that you can make money, switch to real money trading.

No other broker makes finding your way to trading success so easy and risk-free.

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RBinary review: How can newcomers register with RBinary?

If you want to get started with RBinary now, here is what you have to do:

  1. Follow one of our links to the RBinary signup form.
  2. Fill out the form and create your account.
  3. Deposit money into your account.

(If you choose the demo account in step 2, you do not need step 3, obviously.)

The entire signup process takes only a few minutes. If you deposit your money via credit card / debit card, it will be booked to your account immediately, and you can start trading right away.


Our RBinary review concludes that this is a great broker for newcomers. You can learn binary options in a risk-free environment and let other people trade for you. Because of their deposit-free demo, RBinary can guarantee you that you will lose no money with them. You either find a great way to financial independence or you can quit trading before you have lost a single real Cent. Either way, with RBinary, you win.


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