Signal Push

Signal Push is a great service for all binary options traders looking to automate trading the signals their signal provider creates. Their unique approach can save you from trying many automated trading robots.


Signal Push provides a very unique approach to automated trading: Instead of providing a complete trading system that creates signals and automatically converts them into trading decisions, Signal Push does only the latter of the two actions: It converts signals into trading decisions.

In other words: For Signal Push to work properly, you have to feed it binary options signals. At first glance, this might seem like paying twice for what other providers offer you in one package.  It is, however, a genius new approach to automated trading.

As you know from our reviews, there are many reliable signal providers out there. Still, when switching from trading a signal to provider to a completely automated trading system, binary options traders have to leave the reliable signals behind they have used successfully in the past.

They have to find a robot that creates equally reliable signals, which is not easy. The accuracy of auto traders and robots is hard to estimate without testing them. This means, switching from signals to robots could possibly take years until you find a reliable provider. Many traders shy away from the effort and rather stay with their signal provider.

Still, after finding a reliable signal provider, the trader becomes the biggest risk factor in the trading process. He can miss signals, execute signals too late, or make mistakes when executing the signal. Therefore, the ideal solution for any trader would be to have the reliable signals he has used in the past executed automatically. Signal Push does exactly that.

Signal Push copies any signal your signal provider creates within a quarter second, and automatically invests in a trade accordingly.


Signal Push will provide you with an application that translates the signals of your signal provider into trading decision. This application needs to be installed on a computer that is running the entire time your signal provider can create a signal. Since this is a rather difficult request for most traders, which do not want to waste money and space in their home on a computer that only executes Signal Push, you can also rent a virtual private server (VPS).

A VPS can cost you about $15 to $30 a month (that is if you just get the basics that you need to run SignalPush on). Signal Push provides you with a list of recommended VPS providers, so setting up your own VPS will not be a problem for you.


Signal Push’s software is free to download. Your only costs will be your signal provider and your virtual private server, if you choose to rent one. Most signal providers start around $100 per month. If you want to trade more signals simultaneously, get more assets, or invest a larger amount, you sometimes have to choose a more expensive option. VPS providers are usually below §30 per month.

Compared to many other automated trading robots that do not charge a monthly fee, Signal Push is a little more expensive. However, the reason many of Signal Push’s competitors do not use a subscription model is that their services are generating bad results and no trader would pay an ongoing fee for an ineffective systems. Some automated trading robots in the market are even scams. With Signal Push you are guaranteed to get good signals from a signal provider you trust, and immediate execution from you own server. This supreme level of control is more than worth the additional cost.

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