StockPair Gold Account

StockPair Gold Account - LogoStockPair, one of the world’s best traders, offers a gold account that’s ideal for serious traders that want the best tools to maximize their profits. This article teaches you everything you need to know about the StockPair Gold account.

Getting the StockPair Gold Account

StockPair’s membership plans come in four versions: Silver, gold, platinum, and VIP. Which account you get is determined by your total account balance. This means, you can start with a silver account and work your way up to the VIP account.

To become a gold account trader, you need a minimum deposit of $5,000. Once you have achieved a deposit of $20,000, your account will be upgraded to a platinum account.

This makes the gold account perfect for experienced traders that someday want to become professionals but don’t have enough capital yet.

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Benefits of the StockPair Gold Account

As a Gold plan member you are entitled to:

  • Strategy Training
  • StockPair’s market reviews
  • Personal Trade Expert
  • Maximum position for (one trade): $4,000
  • Maximum total position (all trades): $12,000
  • No withdrawal (wire) fee
  • Trade control

Volume Cash back: 1% cash back from monthly volume (minimum volume of $25K)

Compared to the silver account, you get higher limits (the silver account has limits of $1,000 for one trade and $6,000 total), access to the personal trade expert, and a free withdrawal ($25 per withdrawal with the silver account), and a 1% cash back if you invest more than $25,000 per month.

The platinum account increases the limits further to $8,000 / $24,000 and gives you a 2% cash back for monthly investments over $50,000.

This means, the gold account’s advantages over the silver account are far more substantial. The platinum account only provides an increase in limits that don’t make sense for members with a gold account and a total account balance of less than $20,000 anyway.

In other words: As a StockPair member, make sure to get to the gold account as quickly as possible. Only withdraw money if you cannot find any other possibility. After you have reached the gold account, though, you can use a more relaxed approach and trade you way up.

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